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Your financial wellness matters regardless of past money mistakes. Trust me, I have made my fair share of doozies. 

If you landed here you’re likely ready to take your first steps towards cultivating wealth so you can find freedom and escape the trapped by work and life feeling.  So let’s get started helping you grow your money tree.

You can become rich in all areas of life.

Rich isn’t just about money (although that’s a big part of it). It’s more about directing your financial resources in a way that allows you to experience your life. Whether it’s spending more time with family and friends, traveling, enjoying good food, curling up with a good book, keeping fit and healthy, or just being able to decide you want to relax on the weekend, richness is about making the most of your moments. My path has been one of ups and downs and sometimes-slow progress. I’m still on this journey. But it keeps getting better as I tweak the way I manage my money and cultivate my financial wellness. 

I'm Miranda Marquit, Financial Wellness Expert with an MBA

If you want information about pinching pennies, you're in the wrong place.

I began writing about finances in 2006 (has it really been that long?) after being offered a corporate blogging gig.  Between research for work and my own money mistakes, I found smarter, better ways to handle my money and grow in financial wellness and flexibility. Since then I have grown a six-figure freelance writing business and …

My focus is on using your resources to live the life you want. Hopefully, you can use this site to learn about using your money and time more effectively — and create a life full of richness.

Are you ready to find financial wellness?

Whether you are looking to build an income stream with freelance writing, grow your money skills, or find a financial expert to help your employees I’ve got you covered to start cultivating. 

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I don’t have an amazing get-out-of-debt story or a make-six-figures-a-month story. What I do have is accumulated knowledge, financial experiments, and plenty of mistakes. Over time, I’ve learned what works for me when it comes to using my financial resources to create a life I love. Check out my money blog for information about how I structure my finances and make the most of my money. Maybe you’ll find inspiration for your own money journey.

How Gratitude Helps Finances

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s about family and being thankful. And food. You might be surprised, too, when you find that gratitude helps finances. I love Thanksgiving. Instead of exchanging gifts, family and friends come together to share a meal, make memories, and be joyful. (At least, that’s the theory.) To me, it’s always

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Paying the ADHD Tax

We don’t always talk about how some type of neurodivergence, like ADHD, can impact finances. But the ADHD tax is real. I had an amazing summer. It was AHHHHHH-MAZE-ING. Retreats, retreats, and more retreats Technically, it started at the end of April, when a dear friend and fellow content creator came to visit for a

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Travel Fund: Investing for Short-Term Goals

It’s not often that we think of investing for short-term goals like a travel fund. Too often, that money sits in a cash account, earning meager interest. Back in 2015, I was able to make a fresh start with my life. As part of my overhaul, I also changed things up with my finances and

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Freelancing: Do You Have a Fear of Self-Promotion?

I don’t promote myself or my freelancing business very well. But I’m looking for ways to get better. One of the issues I have, at least according to some of my freelancer and online business friends, is that I don’t do enough to self-promote. Sure, I tweet what I write and try to share my

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Does Investing Really Need to Be Complex?

Are you making investing more complex than it needs to be? Let’s simplify. One of the most reliable ways to build wealth over time is to invest. However, many people are intimidated by the idea of investing. How do you choose a good investment? And what happens if the market has problems? And, of course,

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Make Money Writing: Sticking to Your Freelance Rates

When should you stick to your freelance rates? And when should you relax a little bit? Every now and then, a freelance writer has to take stock of the situation. A client might cut back on how much work they send you. They might even decide to outsource your tasks to AI. When you hit

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