$100 Giveaway: Find the Right Gift at the Right Price

With Valentine’s Day coming up, how do you find the right gift at the right price? Plus: $100 giveaway.

I’ve really enjoyed the regular giveaways offered by SavingAdvice.com. This time, it’s another $100 giveaway sponsored by CouponFollow.com. The theme is very Valentine’s Day oriented: Find the right gift for your loved one at the right price.

Happy Valentine's Day!

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a source of stress. You have to figure out what you’re going to get for your loved one — just after the glut of holiday spending (and possible debt). If you are concerned about how to enjoy the day without breaking the bank, while showing your loved one how much you care, here are some ideas:

  • Play hooky together: Instead of planning some expensive gift, decide to take the day off together. This works great if your kids are in school. Do something fun together, or just cuddle all day, watching movies.
  • Get gifts early: One of the things my husband has always done is to get flowers for Valentine’s Day early. He usually gets a lovely arrangement about two weeks before ?February 14th (and there still might be time now), and it costs half what it does Valentine’s week.
  • Eschew Valentine’s themes: Another good strategy is to stay away from themed items. Don’t go for the heart-shaped box. Instead get “regular” nice chocolate and candies. Anything themed for Valentine’s Day is going to be more expensive.
  • Look online: The Internet remains a great place to look for great gifts for any taste. My husband has taken to looking on Etsy for unique items for me, and I find that I can use online coupons and promos to get discounts on items for him. Also, you don’t even have to look online. Consider local artisans. Most of my jewelry is now made by a local jewelry artist. It costs less than buying at a chain store, where mark-ups can be 700% or 800% or more.
  • Buy gifts late: If your significant other doesn’t mind waiting a day or two, you can buy your gifts late. Once Valentine’s Day is over, you can get all of the themed stuff on discount. This is the exception to avoiding themed gifts. Hit up the sales, and get candy, cute stuffed animals, and even flowers for much less than you could have 24 hours before.

What are your favorite ways to save on Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to enter the $100 giveaway!

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  1. Tony@YouOnlyDoThisOnce

    All these amazing giveaways around the sphere today! Great post on Valentine’s Day. I have to remember to still take it very seriously being married!

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