4 Bathroom Makeover Ideas That Generate a Return on Investment

The bathroom can be one of the most expensive investments in a home. The cost of remodeling a bathroom can be worth the expense if it suits the homeowners design style and increases the value of a home.

According to the 2013 Cost vs. Value report published in January?s issue of Remodeling Magazine, some of the most important elements to consider during bathroom remodels are the tubs, lighting and flooring. Homeowners can go for expensive options or decide to choose more pocket-friendly options with decorative features that enhance the room ambiance.


Tubs, sinks and Showers

Tub and shower fixtures can be chosen separately or as a combination. Homeowners who like the sleek look can opt for an enclosed shower stall with glass doors that are frosted. Alternatively, adding floor drains to an open shower with tiled walls can create the same effect.

Many new constructions feature high-pressure water jets with whirlpool tubs. This is the preferred choice for more luxurious bathrooms. You can easily create the spa feeling by installing steam showers that act like saunas.

One of the most basic options for sinks is wall mount, vanity or pedestal sinks. Wall mount and pedestal sinks are preferred by some homeowners because they save on space especially in small bathrooms. However, pedestal sinks are highly regarded because of their architectural value.

Bath vanities are also a critical part of any makeover and many homeowners are going for the double vanity. This type of sink makes it easier for two people sharing a bathroom to have separate counter space and sink. You can easily create a distinct sink style by installing varying counter tops and sink pieces.


One of the smartest choices for bathroom remodeling is efficient toilets that flush less water instead of the usual 5-gallon toilets. High-efficiency toilets come in various styles including modern and vintage among others. When shopping, choose standard toilets with simple tanks. Those who want a contemporary bathroom design can choose the one-piece toilets with combined tank and bowls.


Minimize water damage by going for hard-surface floors. One of the most suitable options is vinyl because it is budget-friendly and easier to install. Another advantage of vinyl is that it comes in different prints to match all types of d?cor. Those with big budgets who want to bring out an element of luxury can go for granite and marble as choices for flooring.

A flooring type that is becoming increasingly popular is natural slate tile. This type of tile design brings the natural beauty of the outside into a home. It also absorbs surface moisture, which helps prevent slipping. Moisture in a slate evaporates naturally. This means homeowners do not have to worry about water damage. To achieve continuity, you may consider adding matching tiles to the shower.


This area has the most variety. Bathrooms require central light sources to provide illumination for basic use. Lighting comes in various choices that can accentuate different home styles from the classic to the contemporary. Choose lighting that provides task lighting on mirrors. This can be achieved with romantic round bulbs or shaded lights that face downwards. Many modern homes have bright pendant lights as alternatives to standard strips.

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