4 Ways Attending #FinCon16 is Helping My Business

Every year I attend FinCon, and every year I learn things that boost my business. Here are four ways #FinCon16 is helping my business as we speak.?

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I?ve been to a few conferences, and many of them have been worthwhile. But the conference that has always provided me with the best results has been FinCon, an annual meeting designed to help social influencers who work in the financial products and services space. This year, as always, I came away with some great nuggets. I even learned something valuable while participating on a panel, courtesy of a fellow panelist.

If you haven?t been to FinCon before, it?s worth attending, even if you don?t consider yourself a financial blogger. The business tracks and other resources can help you boost your business and the people you meet can literally change your life.


Here?s how #FinCon16 is helping my business ? and why I?m already excited for #FinCon17 next year in Dallas:

1. It?s Time to Invest in My Business

I?ve struggled in recent years with investing in myself and my own properties. This year, I attended a few different events that talked about how investing in yourself is one of the best moves you can make.

Are you investing in your business? Do you put money back into your own properties? As a freelancer, I have a hard time turning down paid work in favor of working on my own websites and growing my own business.

This year, though, the idea of investing in myself resonates more than ever. The inspiration to set aside time for my business was huge, and there were plenty of practical tips designed to help me move forward, be more productive, and actually grow my business.

2. Consider Who You Hang Out With

One of the most controversial keynotes at #FinCon16 was the one given by Noah Kagan. He talked about a theory that states you are a composite of the five people you hang out with most, and adjusted the theory to refer to how much money those five people make. This is a concept that is helping my business already. While I?m not going to dump my good friends to hang out with millionaires, I can see how this makes sense in terms of where I spend my time.

Who do you hang out with? Are you spending time with people who support you in your business and your vision? I find that when I give time to those who understand what I?m doing as a solopreneur, I am more productive and I get more things done. In the past, I?ve spent too much time with folks who don?t necessarily understand what I do, nor get the whole freelance lifestyle. Switching it up so that I get back to those who ?get? me and my vision is helping me re-focus on my business and what I need to do in order to grow it.

3. It?s OK to Ask for Help

I help run the Plutus Awards at FinCon, and it?s one of my favorite things to do. This year the awards were sponsored by State Farm, and we were able to put on a great show. The help from State Farm allowed us to plan and present the best show yet.

Not only that, but I asked for help from others because I was afraid I wouldn?t be able to get everything set up in time. When I asked for help, people I knew stepped up and made my life easier while helping smooth things out for the show.

This insight is helping my business as I apply this lesson there, too. Sometimes I?m afraid to ask for help, or I feel like it shows weakness. The truth, though, is that asking for help can lead to better outcomes for your business. You can get help brainstorming, get direction from a mentor, or even accomplish tasks that you are struggling with.

Of course, the flip side is that you have to be willing to help in return. But that?s no hardship, and giving help to others is another great way to boost your business.

4. Hire Folks Who Know Their Stuff

During the book-publishing panel I participated in, my fellow panelists offered interesting advice: hire a publicist. It?s not really about the publicist. What I got out of it is that it makes sense to hire people who know their stuff.

Not only can you get quality people working for you, but you also free up time. Hiring someone to manage my social media is a big step. For Adulting.tv, Harlan and I hired writers to take the pressure off, and we are also working with a virtual assistant.

You don?t have to do everything yourself. Hire someone who will probably do a better job than you and you?ll save time, get better results, and likely see the long-term positive effects for your business.

If you aren?t sure if you have the budget, there?s a great worksheet from Next Door? Chicago that can help you lay it all out. You can get a solid idea of where you stand, and where you might be able to move your money around to make room to hire others.

Inspiration for the Next 12 Months

Thanks to #FinCon16, I have inspiration for the next 12 months. If you haven?t attended a conference, give one a try. It?s well worth it, and you?ll likely come away with connections, ideas, and practical tips to take your own business to the next level.

This post has been sponsored by State Farm.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways Attending #FinCon16 is Helping My Business”

  1. So much of your success is about finding the right people – mentors, colleagues, customers who share in your vision and goals. Getting over that reticence to be extended help in critical areas is very important for financial success.

  2. I think all of the points you have mentioned are very important for letting your business grow. Especially investing in yourself and your business – it can be way too easy to get caught up in all the freelancing work. Great article!

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