9/11, Islam and…Residual Income

9/11 is, of course, a day that should be remembered. So many lives were affected — and are still being affected — by that tragedy. I also believe this is a great time to celebrate what is best about America. An America we saw right after the event. An America concerned with pulling together in love, and not divided by hate.

But, on the other hand, hate can pay the bills, as I’m finding out right now, through the magic of residual income. Here’s the story:

A few years ago, while working on my Journalism M.A., I did a story on Ramadan for one of my classes. I visited a mosque in Syracuse, and the kind imam showed me around. It had just been remodeled, and I was the first person he took inside to see the changes. I attended Friday evening prayers, and talked to some of the members of a mosque.

I really enjoyed my time there, and it reminded me of some of the friends I’d made during my undergrad studies at SUU. Three Muslim students lived in our dorm, and I often enjoyed speaking with them. Writing my story was helped along by the fact that I had taken classes in Middle Eastern studies during my undergrad days, and by the fact that I am curious about (and make it a point to learn about) other religious and cultures.

I wrote a few more things on Islam for my class. Then, after I graduated, I started writing for a content site — paying the bills while I got things going as a freelance writer. The site offered a great special: Upload schools assignments and get paid a flat $4 apiece. I didn’t hesitate. I uploaded all of the papers I still had. Including my stuff on Islam.

As you might imagine, the trolls are out in force this weekend, leaving somewhat nasty comments on my Islam stuff still on the site. But, even though I don’t write much there (just assignments they offer on occasion), I still get residual income from pageviews. So, even though all these intolerant types are bashing me as a “tool of Satan” and such, they are actually helping to provide me with a little extra money.

So, thank you trolls.

Turns out your blind rage isn’t so pointless after all. At least not to my pocketbook.

3 thoughts on “9/11, Islam and…Residual Income”

  1. What an interesting piece. And I’m glad that someone intelligent and open-minded is benefiting from those idiotic hate-mongers. And I almost thought cockroaches were more useful than them. LOL! 😉

  2. Great attitude you have about all that. I have such a tough time with people who seem to totally and completely misunderstand the Islamic religion and the culture of many of the Muslim countries in the world. Between the Florida preacher who wanted to burn the Koran this weekend and the debate about the NYC mosque, I was very happy and relieved to read this post. But what I realize about myself is that, instead of letting my anger burn for the stupid and intolerant I will instead pray for more peace, love and understanding in this world!

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