Are Dems Finding their Way Back to Populism?

I don’t watch Rachel Maddow much, but I thought this was an interesting look at what’s going on right now. As an economic populist myself, I have been rather frustrated with the Dems’ move toward corporate money and interests. It’s one of the reasons I am not registered to vote with either party.

No one talks about being a populist anymore — much the way that few people talk about being social progressives. Some of the political nuances that existed 100 years ago have been swallowed up by the lazy thinking that divides people squarely into two camps: Democrat and Republican. This tendency to use party names as labels has led to a lot of the acrimony we see today.

However, it appears that many are getting fed up with the simplistic idea that belonging to one party or the other can tell you everything you need to know about a person. I don’t like how Maddow seems to continue the idea that all Republicans are the same, but she makes some good points about some of the economic elite in the party. At any rate, I am glad that between the Tea Party and general dissatisfaction many progressives have been feeling, it appears that the two-party system could be on the verge of cracking. Which wouldn’t make me sad at all.

We could use a little more critical thinking and nuance in our politics.

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  1. Haha. It’s true, no one even mentions Populism. Politicians and pundits throw around terms like “socialism”, “communism”, and even “nazism” for the shock value.

    When was the last time you heard of an Oligarchy on national news? This is just an example of how older social systems are nearly forgotten or never learned in modern society.

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