How Attending FinCon Helped My Home Business

Once again, my attendance at FinCon has helped my home business. Here's this year's report.

Another year, and another FinCon. This is my favorite conference of the year, no matter what other conferences I attend. There are a number of reasons that FinCon is my favorite conference, and one of those reasons is that it helps me grow my home business.

And this year's FinCon was the most beneficial yet.

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How My Home Business Benefitted from FinCon This Year

There were three main home business benefits I got out of the Financial Blogger Conference this year:

1. New Direction for My Home Business: One of the things I realized at FinCon, after enjoying story meetings/lunches with my editors, is that I want to draw more on my journalism background. While writing blog posts is still a focus (I am a professional blogger, after all!), I also discovered that quite a few blog/web site owners are interested in primary research and a “newsy” approach.

I discovered that I can charge more for these types of posts (and for good reason; primary research takes a lot more time and effort). As a result of this, I turned many meetings into sessions in which I asked for help finding sources. In spite of the efforts of many affiliate managers, I will probably never be a great affiliate sale generator. But if I can establish connections, I can come to these folks for quotes.

This entire process has helped my home business; I've already revamped a couple of existing relationships, and I have four more (higher-paying) gigs as a result of the conference and my new direction.

2. Potential Partnerships: I also explored some ideas for potential partnerships at this conference. My home business has needed a little infusion of…something…and FinCon provided a few potential opportunities. There might be some interesting projects in the works, with interesting people. These potential partnerships could open new doors for me and my home business.

3. Energy: Never underestimate the value of energy. Attending FinCon re-energized me. I'm more interested in moving forward with my home business, and I think that brings a higher quality to my work. Plus, I am more likely to Get Things Done when I feel energized like this.

On top of that, I've come away with a better sense of my priorities, and what I want to make happen with my home business. It's been frustrating in some ways, since things (especially as it relates to sorting out the design aspects of my book) are sometimes a little slow to change. It's a little frustrating to be stuck in limbo when I'm ready to GO.

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Enjoying Old Friendships and Making New Friends

Finally, even though it doesn't?directly help my home business, I really like meeting up with my old friends and making new friends. Since I have mild ADD and tend toward introversion, attending a conference requires a great deal of work on my part. However, even with the work, I love to interact with the people I like, and FinCon gives me a lot of that. Plus, I get to meet new people and form new bonds.

It's impossible to shout out to everyone, of course, but I especially enjoyed the late night bull sessions with new friends Justin and Kyle?and old friends Tom and Steve. I also had a good time chatting it up (and sometimes running around) with Rob, Glen, KC, LazyMan, Ben, Jesse, Abigail,?Ashley, Karen, Athena, Jana,?Pete, Kyle,?Larry,?Luke (we're still calling you Luke, right?) and Eric. And I never see enough of TFB and his Silent Partner. Plus I got to meet Vero.

Really, I count it a successful conference. And if you want to get a little flavor of what else I got out of the conference, here is a short roundup of FinCon-related posts I've written elsewhere:

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here is my chat with Experian on simple investing:

Oh yeah, and I sort of quietly launched my book on Kindle. I didn't plan it. I was sitting in my hotel room, waiting for the insurance guy to call, when the completed .mobi file arrived. So, on a whim, I just loaded it up. I didn't tell anyone for almost an entire day. And, even then, I didn't tell many people. I'm a marketing genius (facepalm).

I'm still fighting with the print-on-demand people to get things just right for the print version, and I've finally got things in order so that I can start sending out perks to my awesome Indiegogo supporters, although the print copy of the book is delayed. But hey, this experience will make several great blog posts at some point.

6 thoughts on “How Attending FinCon Helped My Home Business”

  1. I finalized an agreement at the conference for two articles, and found another site who might be interested in one that I could just rewrite.

    Seeing as how I don’t actually do freelance, that’s a pretty big deal.

    I also need to look into some of the affiliate programs that were being offered. They won’t make me a ton, but assuming they’re good for my readers, might as well.

    And I talked to a couple people who may help connect me to advertisers as they come up. All in all, pretty successful — especially since I spent most of the time just following my mom around blindly.

    1. Haha. Sounds like a successful conference for you, too! And I hope you enjoyed your extra days in STL, hanging with your mom. And thanks for listening to me talk your ear off Sunday morning…

  2. That’s one of the great things I love about FinCon — the energy and enthusiasm you feel there and when you get back. You feel like you can get anything done and you’re full of ideas.

    It was great seeing you again. Looking forward to the book.

    1. Thanks! I THINK we’ve got our ducks in a row for the book.

      And you’re right. You really do come back feeling as though you can do anything. Well, after you recover, anyway.

  3. Kyle @ Young and Thrifty

    Good luck with the book launch Miranda. I’ll order a paper copy for sure (I’m still old school like that).

    It was very nice meeting you as well, and I’m quite certain you’re steady climb up the freelance ladder will continue to gain momentum.

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