You know that most of what I've been writing about this week is the bailout. So here is a rundown of nearly all of it. Because I'm shameless that way:

Yielding Wealth looks at how the Treasury came up with the number $700 billion (it's scary, I promise!), my issues with President Bush's Wednesday night speech, Henry Paulson's power grab, and a rundown of links to places that address the bailout.

Personal Finance Corner offers two different opinions on the bailout: One looking at why the bailout might be necessary, and one examining that a depression may be just what the doctor ordered.

LoanShak and WorkShak didn't see much action on this one, but both have some postings: Questions many are asking about the bailout, and President Bush's less-than-inspiring speech on Wednesday, as well as a look at business credit in this climate. Mortgage blog and the Investing blog also saw a lot of bailout goodness:

  1. Is now the time to buy a home?
  2. Mortgage rates and the bailout.
  3. Should homeowners be included in the bailout?
  4. Bailout delay brings down stock market.
  5. It's a stock market roller coaster ride, determined by the status of the bailout.
  6. Statement shock will happen when you look at your retirement account.
  7. Buybacks become popular on Wall Street.

Also, don't neglect some great commentary from PunditMom, My Two Dollars and Moolanomy.

4 thoughts on “Bailout!”

  1. Seriously, that’s how they came up with $700 billion? Scary. This whole thing kind of scares me. Not the economy being bad (well, kind of), but the government involvement in all of it.

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