Barack Obama: Get Ready to Work

I am listening to Barack Obama’s inaugural speech. He is making it clear that we have a long road ahead, and that we need to go to work. And he is right. it is time for us to “rebuild America” and reclaim our morals and values. But it doesn’t happen quickly. It takes work. Anything worth having takes work and time and effort and accountability. And Obama isn’t mincing words about this. He’s not talking about entitlement as the greatest country in the world. We have to earn our place. And I am ready to contribute to an America that returns to our bedrock values of hard work, civility and service.

I am ready for hope. And I feel inspired. Of course Barack Obama isn’t a cure all, but I feel like — if enough of us re-engage in meaningful political discussion and civic activity — we truly can take our country back and become a great people.

Optimism is not normally my strong suit, but I feel it now. I just hope that we can all come together. Our goals should be a better country and a better society.

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  1. I liked Obama’s speech a lot too. It was real and reflects very much the state of the country and the feelings of its citizens and at the same time he was able to fill his audience with hope. I also really like, similar to Obama’s acceptance speech, that he puts a lot of the responsibilities of rebuilding this country and making it better up to us, the American people. Lets hope we can all do what we can to make things better!!

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