Barack Obama’s Nefarious Message: Stay in School

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The misinformation campaign that our current president faces is so incredibly ridiculous that I can barely contain myself. I mean, really? We've reached a point in our society that just because the other guy wins, we throw a tantrum and demand that our kids not be “indoctrinated” by his evil message of “work hard and stay in school”?

I didn't like George Bush. But if he had addressed the schoolchildren about the importance of staying in school, I'd have been all for it. In fact, I had no problem with my son learning about him in school. I thought he was a lousy president, but I did make sure that my son knew that even though I didn't agree with him, he was still the President, and that I admired him for the strength of character it took to overcome his drinking problem. It's about having a certain amount of respect for the person elected by the people. And about teaching my son that civil dialogue, rational discussion and listening to a variety of different viewpoints should be the way we do things. Screaming talking points, without stopping to think about them, or even finding out if they contain factual information, is not real political discourse.

Besides, last time I checked, you could go to the school and listen with your kids. It's a public school. You can go observe anytime you want. Go to school on September 8 and watch the message. Make sure that you know exactly what your kids are up against so that you can contradict Obama point for point. We don't want them getting any crazy ideas that if you work hard, do well in school and try your best, you have a shot at success. Hell, you just might become President of the United States. You don't even need to come from money or a political dynasty.

What a crappy message to send to our children: “Anyone really can become president.”

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8 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Nefarious Message: Stay in School”

  1. And homework assignments about writing down what you can do to help the President (presumably to carry out his radical left-wing socialist policies) is exactly the kind of early childhood indoctrination that the liberal media needs to stay in business.

    Oh yeah, and you can tell the American Dental Association that I took out the implant they left in my filling so they can’t track me anymore!

    Seriously, this story is hilarious! 😉

  2. I am so glad you had a post about this. I read about it in the news yesterday and then my mother-in-law who works at a middle school came home and told me some parents and even other teachers were horrified. What is wrong with people? Are they eating different foods than me? Are they seeing and reading different things about Obama than me? Are they taking crazy pills? Have I missed something? I don’t believe so. So what is wrong with the sitting President telling school children what he wants better schools and, as you said, tell them to be great students! If anything I am sad that my son is only preschool age and not able to comprehend an address from the President. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You said it right

  3. Micheal: Sometimes I have to agree. We’ve reached a point where party is more important than country. And we have to vilify the other guy so much that we won’t even let our kids hear a positive message from him. What if our kids find out he’s not really the devil incarnate after all?

  4. When it comes to crazy, TX takes the cake. I tell ya. There are entire school districts here choosing not to air the speech. Excuse me? I don’t even know what my own kids’ district is up to, I can’t seem to find info anywhere. Insane, really. And so very sad.

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