Bill Clinton has Sympathy for Larry Craig

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything political, and so I thought I’d do a little shout-out to Larry Craig. After all, I am originally from Idaho, and in his district. My parents vote for the man without fail. Well, maybe not anymore.

And who has sympathy for this fallen Republican? Well, Bill Clinton of course. He’s going to talk about it tonight on Larry King Live. After all, Clinton knows all about having your sex life brought out for the world to see. You can see a clip of the interview with Larry King here on the CNN Web site. Stingy CNN won’t let the embedding begin. Maybe later, after the interview airs.

At any rate, Larry Craig is just another in the scandal-ridden Republican Congressional legions to be asked to resign. Indeed, the Republicans seem so scared of any further scandal that there has been no “wait and see” approach to Craig like there was over the Mark Foley page scandal. Nope. Republican leaders have been calling for his head since the story broke. They don’t want any more sex scandals in their ranks.

Who knows if the guy was really trying to make sexual advances to the undercover cop. I don’t. But I do know if he had been involved in some sort of corruption issue, he wouldn’t have been hung out to dry so quickly. Money is completely different from sex.

Republicans and their strangely twisted sense of morality.

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0 thoughts on “Bill Clinton has Sympathy for Larry Craig”

  1. It all seems kinda fishy to me. Not like there was a third person there who witnessed everything. His bad for confessing, I suppose. Though I read the script, and it’s not like he ever came right out and said he did inted to make contact. Ugh, I’m just sick of reading about politicians and their sexual endeavours. Do we really have nothing else to worry about? I mean, I understand the moral issues, but there’s a lot more wrong with the people who lead this country than just their sexual morals. You know, like someone starting a war just because. Okay, I won’t get into that… :p

  2. I know. He copped out to “disorderly conduct.” Probably hoped it would go away.

    And I agree about the sexual morals and people in charge. It’s funny how “morality” and “Christian” behavior only encompasses sex in our society.

    Shouldn’t morals also include things like treating other people nice, not causing thousands of deaths, telling the truth and upholding the Constitution?

  3. All minor details, Miranda. :p Sex is what it’s all about, anyway, no? Not just in politics. In other ways, too. Like, oh, breastfeeding in public, anyone? Us moms are oh so sexy when we nurse our babies. Never mind the more or less naked ladies you see on TV, billboards, magazines… Apparently, VS has the monoply on being allowed to show some flesh, lol. Oh, another soapbox I really shouldn’t get on… Sorry, completely unrelated, too. Well, more or less. :p

  4. I agree. But, as usual, it’s all about sex. I mean, that’s WHY no one wants to see mom’s breastfeeding kids in public. Breasts are for SEX, not for providing nourishment. Now, if they were perky, mostly exposed and didn’t have a baby on them, most of society would be okay with that…

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