Birthday Parties and Green Waste

Gavin was invited to a birthday party for the first time this weekend. This is very exciting for all of us.

Unfortunately, we are going to be out of town.

This is a bummer, since I was looking forward to Gavin enjoying this “rite of passage” for children. Since we don't socialize much in general, I don't expect that another invitation will be coming any time soon. Oh well. Gavin is still excited, and the thoughtful little guy thinks we should head out and buy a present for the birthday boy anyway. So we probably will.

In other news, we started pulling up the weeds in our back dirt in order to get it ready for putting in an actual lawn. The joy. We have several piles of weeds scattered about the property, each bigger than the last. And yet there are endless weeds to pull.

I called for a green waste bin. It will take them a week and half to get it here. They can't just drive it over sooner? Are there that few people in CV that want green waste bins that it takes so long for it to be efficient to drop them off?

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