Black Friday: 10 Tips from Andrea Woroch

Are you ready for Black Friday? If you must go out, consider these tips to get ready.

As you probably know — if you know me at all or read anything I write this time of year — I'm not big into Black Friday. I think going out on Black Friday is a terrible time investment. I also happen to think that Black Friday could, quite possibly, be one of the biggest money traps of the year.

But I also know that's just my opinion, and many people love Black Friday, and heading out to find special deals and enjoying the thrill of getting just what they want at a low, low price. I recently received some helpful tips from Andrea Woroch on preparing for Black Friday. So, if Black Friday is your thing, here is what Andrea suggests:

  1. Set up a new email account for all your offers and alerts. Your Black Friday email account will keep all those extra emails from interfering with your other mail.
  2. Register for store updates so you can get all the sale information.
  3. Buy discount gift cards so that your money stretches even further.
  4. Sell some of your stuff so that you have a little more spending money for the holidays. Get it in consignment before Black Friday, and you could benefit.
  5. Create a realistic budget — and stick to it.
  6. Make a list of what you want, and research prices.
  7. Get your mobile device ready by downloading apps that can help you store coupons, and compare prices while you shop on Black Friday.
  8. Get a credit card that helps you amass rewards for your Black Friday shopping.
  9. Schedule Thanksgiving dinner so that you can be ready to hit the stores when you're ready. (I'm going to be honest. I hate this tip. I love Thanksgiving, and spending time with family, and I think arranging a holiday that's supposed to be about gratitude and contentment so that you can hit the stores at 9 p.m. and participate in the hugest mass case of the “gimmes” of the year is just wrong.)
  10. Coordinate with friends and family so that everyone gets what they want, and you can cover more ground and get more of the best deals and doorbusters.

If Black Friday is your thing, more power to you, I guess. Andrea's tips are quite sensible, and you can get ready for this huge shopping day right now. As with most things related to finances, shopping, and budgeting, planning ahead is key if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

What about you? Are you into Black Friday? Or do you stay home? What are your best tips?

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