Blackstone: Logan’s New Restaurant Not Worth the Money

***Update 6-16-08*** I have been back to Blackstone (about a month and a half ago). Although better than my initial visit, I remain unimpressed. It is an okay restaurant, but charges too much for me to want to eat there. Blackstone just isn't my cup of tea (or rather, hot chocolate). For those who like it, fabulous. For you it is money well spent, and nothing wrong with that. I just don't happen to be impressed with the restaurant, and would prefer that my hard-earned cash (especially in the current economic climate) be spent on meals that I find more rewarding.

So late last week, my husband and I went to try out Logan's new restaurant, Blackstone. We like food, and we like to eat out, so when we pay what the Blackstone charges, we expect something a little better. Well, in the case of Josh's seafood scampi, much better.

The restaurant itself is trendy. It is in a much improved old-D.I. building. The atmosphere is what, I guess, could be called, in Logan, high-class casual. They do have a children's menu (they're not stupid). But the food was disappointing.

My favorite part was the appetizer. We got the sampler. The fried calamari was quite good, as were the mushrooms. Unfortunately, the meals weren't nearly as good. I got puttenesca, since that's not something you find in Logan that much. And while it was okay, they went a little heavy on the capers. And it was obvious that fresh ingredients and genuine chefs were in absence. It was kind of like eating at Hamilton's. (Yes, yes we're the only people in Logan not impressed in with Hamilton's. We don't like Cafe Sabor, either.)

When I spend $60 (or more) at Le Nonne, I don't feel bad about it. Why? Because the guy is a real chef who makes authentic Tuscan food. And when he experiments, it tastes good. When I go to Idaho Falls and drop even more at The Cellar, I feel good about that, too. Because fresh ingredients are used, and it is a very satisfying meal.

But $60 was just too much to spend at Blackstone, where the food is average at best.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up! We were thinking about trying it out around Christmas time, but now I think that we will pass. The one and only time I have gone to Hamilton’s I really did not care for it (except for the bacon rapped crab). So if Blackstone is just like it and just as expensive then there probably will not be much there for us anyways.

  2. i wouldn’t say it’s just like Hamilton’s…the menu is different. but the style of the place, and just the whole vibe, as well as overpriced food, just minded me of it.

  3. Sorry to hear you don’t like Hamilton’s or Cafe Sabor. I am not certain what you have tried; however we do use the freshest of ingredients. The next time you come to Hamilton’s make sure you contact me and I will make sure you are impressed with the quality of both your food and service.

  4. Justin:

    well, maybe i came on a bad day…but since we ARE food snobs, we still expect better food (the service was fin_…but Hamilton’s is till better than Blackstone, in my book, if it makes you feel any better.

    the good news is that most of Logan doesn’t care what i think, and that most of Logan will still go. :0)

  5. HI, I just stumbled on your site after doing a search for Black Stone. Thanks for the review. I’m looking for a place to take my new book club. Sorry to say, Justin (if you’re reading this), but I don’t care for the food at Hamilton’s either. I do love Cafe Sabor, however (except for the week margaritas). Happy blogging!

  6. miranda

    thanks for follow up-perhaps you did visit on an off day. I would love to invite you to another experience at Hamilton’s.. just email me ( and I will personally make certain you have an outstaning “food experience.” appreciate the honest feedback.

  7. Well, the old saying may go, “There’s no disputing taste.” But in the case of Blackstone I must make an exception. I disagree entirely with the negative review given to Blackstone. My wife and I ate there recently and found the food delightful. The calamari appetizer could have kept me happy as a meal by itself, it was the best we have ever have. Having lived by the sea most of our lives we’ve eaten at many of the finest restaurants in the country and we give Blackstone TWO THUMBS UP!

  8. The calamari, as I stated, was the best thing we had. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I didn’t find the Blackstone to compare even closely with the fine restaurants “by the sea” in New York, Boston, Seattle, D.C. and numerous other places where we have eaten, together and separately.

  9. Miranda–I haven’t been to Blackstone’s yet, and in view of your comments I’m inclined to give it more time to improve its quality. As to Hamiliton’s, I fully agree with you about its poor quality and service. In fact, I probably feel less favorable about that restaurant than you do. As a former Easterner who travelled and ate at restaurants all over the country I was happy to learn a steakhouse was opening in the Logan area. My wife and I went there twice (the second time with my broher and his wife). We were disappointed both times. In fact my brother made known his feelings to the greeter on the way out.

    The problem with most Cache Valley residents is that their standards for quality food and service are practically non-existent.Sorry friends and neighbors.

  10. Miranda,

    Right on! I took my wife and six kids to Hamiltons and was not impressed, and I was thinking about giving Blackstone a try, even though I know it is the same owner. I might decide to pass on Blackstone’s after your review. It’s not that I’m afraid the food will be bad. I wouldn’t say that at all! It’s just that for the amount of money I’m going to pay at Blackstone or Hamiltons, I expect the food to be great, or very close to it. It is very frustrating to me that I don’t seem to be able to find a top notch restaurant value anywhere in Logan! I think what irritates me the most about Hamiltons is that it feels like a cafeteria! Dude, for that much money, I want low light, semi private booths, and a little ambience. I want to be able to talk to my wife without yelling to be heard! On a side note, my wife and I discovered McGrath’s fish house a couple of weeks ago. Good food, fresher than I expected, good ambience, and a great value at twelve to twenty bucks a plate.

  11. I think the best restaurant in Logan is Le Nonne. But, not a place to take six kids (unless they’re grown!). Callaway’s also offers reasonable quality for reasonable prices.

    I agree with you, Tony, about the food standards here in general. Imagine my surprise when I asked someone about Italian restaurants and they told me about the Olive Garden! There’s no way we’d ever call that “Italian.” Many of the people I talk to haven’t even heard of Le Nonne.

    And, Ian, you make a good point. I will probably give Hamilton’s another shot (since Justin is so insistent — good for him to try and please customers), but I will go in sometime on my own. I’m not a food critic that expects everyone to give me the best since they know I’m coming. I want the same experience as anyone else who walks in.

    Although I will probably interpret it differently.

  12. I’m actually gonna come to the defense of Hamilton’s. My wife and I have enjoyed it every time we have gone there. My wife loves the ahi tuna and I enjoy the higher end steaks. I realize that at most restaurants, you have to pay more to get better quality. I don’t go to Hamilton’s expecting to save money or find great value at $12 per plate. We’ve never had a problem with the service either. We did go to Blackstone and I wouldn’t give it a positive review, but it is new and definitely has room to grow. Miranda, I hope you do go back to Hamilton’s someday and I would love to hear what you thought.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the two restaurants are different owners. I don’t think anybody would open two similar steakhouses in a town as small as Logan and expect to do well.

  13. You are correct: Blackstone is NOT owned by the same person as Hamiltons. My comparison was that Blackstone, like Hamiltons, is over-priced.

    Maybe my problem is that I got something more than $12, and I expected it to taste accordingly.

    FYI: I plan to give Hamiltons a second chance in the next couple of weeks.

  14. I was particularly confused by the owners’ awkward effort to tie this restaurant to the Blackstone River Valley in Rhode Island. What’s THAT all about? I grew up in southern New England and nothing (besides the pseudo industrial decor) in the restaurant, especially its menu, has anything in common with this region. We’d be better off with a Dunkin’ Donuts in town.

    I’m astonished that there are people other than myself and hubby who think CV’s restaurants are mediocre. (BTW, we call Cafe Sabor ‘Cafe So Boring’ for its bland food and crappy service) Who are you all and why haven’t I met you yet?!?

  15. You guys are the lamest kind of people. You all probably use Macs and and drive hybrids, not because you like them but because the people you wish you were do.

  16. Good for you! Attacking people instead of commenting on the post and adding your opinion of the food one finds in Logan! After all, intelligent discourse is all about vitriolic attacks on people, rather than addressing their ideas!

    (Please note sarcasm.)

  17. wow, Miranda! I had no idea this post would invoke all of this outward rancor. Everyone knows that this is just little old Logan, right? I’m not really surprised that there is nothing world-class in terms of restaurants here.

    We tried Hamilton’s for the first time this weekend (we don’t get a chance without kids WITH money very often) and we enjoyed it. We’re not really food connoisseurs though and we’re pretty easy to please when it comes to eating out. We chose them over Blackstone because of your review. 🙂

    Our only caveat is to try local places over chains and Le Nonne is always a great choice.

    It’s also kind of weird to see people attacking you for your taste in food. Not everyone likes the same, right? And can someone else fill me in why it’s wrong to own a hybrid? or a mac? Is my head that far in the sand? Why are those attacks? Why does that make me lame? If it does, I guess I’m there with you, Miranda. 🙂

  18. Thanks for your support Karin! It’s nice that others are just as lame as I am!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Hamilton’s experience. I’ll bet Justin is glad you liked it as well. ;0)

    Anyway, I don’t mind the attacks so much. I “arrived” as a blogger months ago when I was personally attacked on the ethical investing Web site I write for as a “liberal.”

    Since I’m proud to be a liberal, it didn’t bother me. The guy that wrote it didn’t make any points or even address my post. Just hurled what he thought were insults at me.

    So I guess I can add “lame” to the list of insults that are really compliments :0)

  19. With all you people in Logan who know so much about quality restaurants you would think you all would know how to tip! 10% is NEVER acceptable. Spread the word! Everyone here is so cheap (and no, its not just the students) it’s no wonder why we don’t have any better restaurants.

  20. Um…here we go again with the baseless vitriol and overgeneralizations. Anyone else notice how those uninterested in reasoned discourse and interested only in trying to be insulting (“you people”) don’t own up to their comments? Hmmm….

    I used to be a waitress in Utah. I am well aware that while many in Utah do still only tip 10%, there are some that do not. I tip 15%-20% as a base, depending on the type of restaurant I am at, and I have been known to tip 25%-30% for good service (which is the point of the tip: “to insure promptness”).

    Quite honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion that those who like quality food do, in fact, tip more than 10%.

  21. LOL, who knew a post about food could stir up so much controversy? Last I heard it’s a very subjective topic, everyone hast different taste. I personally love Cafe Sabor, because I think the food is good (though not authentic Mexican, to be sure), and it’s a great place to take kids without having to worry about them being too noisy. Of course, if your goal is a quiet evening WITHOUT kids and noise, then yeah, don’t go there. :p I’ve been perfectly happy at most of the places we’ve eaten out here in Logan, but I have to add that we hardly ever go without kids, so we’ve stayed away from places like Hamilton’s or Le Nonne. We generally end up at Golden Corral (gasp), just for the convenience (and the pot roast and mashed potatoes, and bread pudding, which IMO are pretty darn good for a buffet style chain restaurant, hehe). If we ever get an evening out without kids, we may venture to one of the more high end places. :p

  22. Oh, and as far as tips go, we tip based on the service we receive. We tip as little as 10% or as much as 20%, depending on how satisfied we were with the service. So for whoever made the tip comment, maybe you just need to shape up. ;o)

  23. Indeed. Too bad such passions are aroused over food opinion, and things like people going hungry in the Sudan only warrant a shrug.

    At any rate, thanks for sharing your insights Doreen! You (and many others on this subject) are showing how it is possible to disagree without being rude. You also illustrate the different priorities people have when making restaurant choices.

  24. I personally don’t like Hamilton’s, but I do like Blackstone so far. I can’t imagine expecting that much out of a 12 to 20 dollar meal though. That’s not very much to spend at a nice restaurant. I do agree with the comment that less than 15% on a tip is never acceptable. 15% means that service was minimal. If you had good to great service it should be 20-25%. There are very few entree’s in Logan that are not worth the money, let alone entire restaurants that are overpriced. I wish I could have used the word “vitriol” in my comment, it seems to be the word du jour.

  25. Thanks for your comments Geoff! I don’t expect much from a $12 meal, but I do expect a little more for $20. However, I’m not sure I’d call any restaurant in Logan “nice.” Maybe Le Nonne. For “nice” I expect to pay at least $30 a plate. Oh no. I think I’ve further exposed my lameness…

    P.S. I do like the word “vitriol.” But perhaps I use it too much…

  26. I just learned of your blog from a friend and am LOVING catching up. This post in particular has me grinning from ear to ear. We recently moved from Utah back to my hometown in CA. Having been to Logan many times on business I been to both Hamilton’s and Le Nonne. I loved Callaways for a casual business dinner.

    I must say CV taste is certainly different than mine at least. We lived in Salt Lake and I was grateful for the myriad of flavors we found there!

  27. Thanks for stopping by! Always glad to “meet” new people! Salt Lake is nice, isn’t it? I like to go and try places I haven’t been before. I love food…

  28. My husband and I ate lunch at Blackstone yesterday and it was very good. I had the monte cristo sandwich and he the Pesto Chicken sandwich on Focattia bread. Whenever we can eat under $20 for lunch and have it be good food is always a plus for us. Maybe it was good because we didn’t have our kids and anyplace is good without kids. I have to say that we do enjoy Cafe Sabor. We have only went a couple times, but once there with a group of people, we were eating outside and it was getting a bit chilly. The owner came out and moved a portable heater to our table and tried to make sure everything was ok. As for Hamiltons the only time I have been there was on a late Saturday night and being excited for their special Crab that night. Although when we sat down, they were completely out of crab. Granted we were there at 8:30 at night but I would have liked a better experience there with the price you pay.
    Finally I just have to say that living in Tremonton most of my life, having a choice for a good restaurant is slim, but almost any of the restaurants in Logan are good places to go. If you’re that picky, drive to Layton. Just be glad that there are so many choices and that you can not go there again if you didn’t like it. Just don’t make someone’s choice for them about how the food is. Everyone has a different opinion of what good food is. Obviously, how long did Amy’s Mongolian Barbeque stay open? Really?!

  29. We had a great experience at the Blackstone. We would disagree with the negative review given. We would recommend it highly. We actually went on Christmas Eve. The service was great and our food was excellent. We travel all over the country with my husband’s work. His job takes us everywhere. We have eaten in many, many fine restaurants. We enjoyed the atmosphere at the Blackstone restaurant. We had a very large group there. Our family had a great experience, enjoyed all our meals and we will definitely go back again. We have heard good things from a lot of our friends who have gone there as well. So I say give it a try decide for yourself. We will go back. Thanks Marilyn

  30. Kristi and Marilyn:

    Thanks for chiming in! It’s always good to have different opinions, and I’ve no doubt that Blackstone will do just fine here in CV. I just won’t eat there :0)

    The beauty of reviews is that you can read them, and decide what to do based on them. People who know me, and who have similar tastes in food, will read the review and not go. They know that I am a good guide for their tastes. People who know me and don’t always agree with my taste in food (my brother is one of them — I’m sure he’ll be off to Blackstone any day now), are bound to give it go, knowing that they are likely to enjoy it.

    People who don’t know me will have to decide for themselves. Perhaps after visiting Blackstone they will know whether or not to “trust” my opinion on restaurants!

  31. I would suggest people give blackstone a try for themselves to come up with their own personal opinion. We all have different taste buds and pocketbooks so the best way to judge is to personally give it a try. Ive worked in the restaurant business for a while now and it takes a little time for a new place to get used to the preparation of the food and the flow of the restaurant. Menu items could change based on the feedback of the customers. Blackstone has come up with some great specialties for dinner and they have a wonderful selection of wines to choose from. Things only get better with time, so don’t write Blackstone off so soon. Try it out for yourself!

  32. To all those who read this scathing review of Blackstone – it would be important to note that the blog author attended Blackstone within 2 weeks of it opening. And as any food snob should know, the first couple months at a restaurant are always a bit rough. With that said, my husband and I went to Blackstone with my brother and his wife for dinner right before Christmas – and I thought it was excellent. I also tried the Puntanesca and thought the ‘caper-level’ was fine. You might have just gone on a bad night – I would try it again. 🙂

  33. Yes, ALWAYS give a restaurant a second chance. We did that after a “bad” experience at Kamin when they had a change of chef, and the owner/manager was more than happy to send us a gift certificate to compensate for our less than expected experience. We tried it again when they had a different chef and have been extremely happy to dine there ever since. And if you’re into non-chain restaurants that you can get a decent meal for a low price, then go to The Indian Oven, the ambiance is not the best, but you’re there for the great Indian food, right? I am glad that Logan is finally getting a little more diversified in cuisine choices. They may not be the best within that type of cuisine but hey at least they’re available in Logan now! I first came to Logan in 1999 from Sydney Australia and the thing I missed most about home was the abundance of ethnic food. So at least now we have some Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc. and don’t have to drive to Salt Lake to get your fix. Just wish we had some Greek, Vietnamese, South American, Moroccan or other African choices. Logan used to have Vietnamese and Greek, but both have now closed 🙁 I must say that overall Le Nonne is our favorite restaurant here in Logan, because it is intimate, but Hamilton’s food is not bad if you’re ordering the right thing! Justin does a great job of pleasing customers and helping with functions such as wedding & baby showers, or private birthday parties in the bar area. I agree that the main room is too open and very noisy, so perhaps ask to be seated in the bar area. They can serve any of the menu in there, and if you’re tucked around the corner away from the foyer then you hardly hear anything! If you like fish, go try the Barramundi (an Australian fish from the perch family); it is on the menu this winter while Halibut is out of season. They have it on the menu 2 different ways – my husband had the Mediterranean style and I had the fricassee style recently and we were both thoroughly impressed. As for Blackstone, we haven’t tried it yet… because prior to Christmas it was still too new and they need time to iron out their wrinkles, so we will most likely try it in the next month or two.

  34. I will probably go back to the Blackstone. I don’t know that I’d call the review scathing. I said the food was mediocre and over-priced. Anyhoo, I’ll give it another go, after a couple of months. I still need to go and give Hamilton’s another try!

    And I do agree about the Indian Oven. LOVE it. We get carry out regularly at my place from there. But I wasn’t too fond of Kamin (I love Thai). Perhaps I’ll go back, since there’s been a chef change.

    Nothing wrong with second chances :0)

  35. Thanks, Miranda, for your comments.
    I will not return to Hamilton’s or to Cafe Sabor for their seafood.
    Has anyone tried Pupuseria or any of the new places in Cache Valley Mall? Anyone try Take-Away Gourmet or Dream Dinners?

  36. I thought that La Pupuseria had closed? Please tell me that it just moved to somewhere else in CV. I loved that place. For those reading who don’t know, La Pupuseria served El Salvadoran food in Providence, but the last 2 times we drove by it looked closed down.

  37. Pupuseria has moved to Logan.
    Phone 752-0676
    They are in the far corner where Grand Buffet, Ruby’s, etc. are located on 1400 North Main.
    I’ve been there 3 times so far and love it!

  38. BORED Eater in Logan

    Just came back from Blackstone tonight- wish I would’ve seen your review earlier. The food was boring. Blackstone makes an attempt to have a little class but the wide open space makes for less than an intimate dinner setting for a date. The menu is not only very small, but there is very little variety in their dishes as well.

    As for the previous comment, “The problem with most Cache Valley residents is that their standards for quality food and service are practically non-existent.Sorry friends and neighbors.” I think there are far more of us Hamilton-haters out there than you imagine. I think it is the lack of BETTER options in the immediate area that keep the places undeservingly crowded on weekend nights.

    Genuine, quality restaurants with real chefs just don’t exist in this area- or when they show up they never last long. Sad.

  39. It is hard to find such restaurants here in CV. But they are there. I like Le Nonne, and it seems to be doing quite well. Have you been to Indian Oven, BORED? Good stuff, but don’t go if you are looking for an intimate atmosphere. But the food is tasty.

  40. I have not seen the back of the Indian Oven. As a former waitress (in more than one city), and as someone whose uncle used to deal with restaurants brought up by health violations (in yet another city), I am aware that nearly every restaurant has its unsanitary conditions.

    But I haven’t got sick off any food I’ve eaten in Logan, and, really, if I’m willing to eat off a stand in the street in large American and European cities…well, if the food tastes good, and I don’t get the runs, I’ll eat it. :0)

  41. We have eaten twice at Blackstone and found it acceptable to quite good. LeNonne is clearly the best food in town and what I appreciate is the consistency of quality. In other words, it is ALWAYS good. I have had some good (never great) meals at Hamilton’s (some are worth the trip) and a prime rib that was barely edible. I have had great service and abysmal service there(a 40 minute wait to be seated despite reservations, forcing us to gulp down an expensive dinner with no time to enjoy it before having to leave for the opera). I never trust Hamiltons any more if I have to be somewhere after dinner, and Café Sabor is hopeless if you are on a deadline, but the food is acceptable, as is the price. Nothing in town matches Commander’s Palace in New Orleans (or LeRuths before they closed when he committed suicide when he lost one of his 5 stars) or Le Fleur de Lys in San Francisco, but neither does their price match what it costs us there. Kamin is definitely improved from what it was when they opened, and Indian Oven is a nice additional option, and equal to most of the Indian places where we have eaten in England.

    Bottom line: Logan is not a culinary capitol, but what most people consider to be expensive is very modest compared with large cities and much of Europe, and we have a number of choices for something of reasonable quality.

  42. Thanks for your well-taken points! I agree that while the food may not be as expensive here, you still want to feel that you are getting good value for your money. I’d rather spend $30 at Le Nonne (I agree: best food in CV) than $15 at a lot of other places.

  43. My job requires me to travel all over the western states, which requires me to eat out. As brought up many times, the price Blackstone charges for their meals seams to be discouraging to some. I have personal found, based on my travels, that Blackstone has a good value for the price. CV is a tremendous place to live and those that choose to live here usually do so for reasons other than culinary expertise. If a person wants or expects five star dinning in CV they most likely will be disappointed. My option is Scott and Susan have put their heart and soul into Blackstone to try and make CV a better place. I take pleasure in going to Blackstone to see others I know as well as dine in an environment that allows me to relax. For those deciding where to dine, look in January’s edition of Cache Valley magazine.

  44. Thanks for your comment, Seymour! You make a very good point. Whether or not I personally enjoy the Blackstone, it is refreshing to see more variety and more choices coming to Cache Valley.

  45. I have also posted a bad review on Blackstone. You can see it by going to the link below.

    I can summarize by saying I HATED my visit there. I have no desire to ever go back.

    Now Le Nonne on the other hand is my favorite. It is also my kids favorite resturant. Yes, I take my kids there. I took them once for my birthday years ago and now they ask to go on their birthdays as well. I also love the Indian Oven.

  46. I apologize for straying slightly off the topic, but I have been looking through a plethora of Le Nonne reviews trying to figure out the price. Could you tell me what the price range would be? And should I make reservations for Valentine’s? Some reviews say no, and I am so confused! I’m just a newlywed who wants an amazing Valentines Day! Thanks, your review on Blackstone was most enlightening.

  47. No problem Cheryl! This has sort of become a commentary on Logan restaurants in general.

    Anyway, Le Nonne has entrees for as low as around $10 and as high as nearly $30. Most the stuff is in the $15-$25 range.

    I would make reservations, especially for Valentine’s Day. While Le Nonne isn’t always packed, reservations never hurt. We always make them whenever we go — just to ensure that we have a table.

  48. I stumbled onto this blog looking for Blackstone’s address, and what I have read disgusts me. You people claim to be Christian but berate others like you do. That Bridge person and their blog was very condescending. How would they like it if a neighbor made a blog about how they suck and their kids suck and no one should socialize with them, but oh, they have a nice yard. My recommendation is; if you don’t like it, move, we don’t want your kind in our happy valley.

  49. I didn’t know having opinions about FOOD was un-Christian. And wanting good value for one’s hard-earned dollar was un-Christian.

    Anyway, I don’t know much about Bridge, having never met her, and only reading on her blog a couple of times. But I’m not sure if “screaming” about her online is a good example of “turning the other cheek” and other “good” Christian behaviors. But I should stop there, remembering to “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

  50. Miranda,

    I went to Blackstone a few weeks ago. I have to agree with you. The food was a little too prefabbed and was missing a truly fresh taste. My steak came with a sauce on the outside and was a little tough. I have been to Hamilton’s many times and the food has been constantly better. For the price, that is very similar, I would go to Hamilton’s.

  51. I have to say, it is interesting how upset people get. It’s okay for somebody not to like a restaurant. I’ve lived here for about a year and before that I lived in Olympia, WA for about 12 years. I have yet to find anyplace here that I would call even “interesting”. I haven’t tried Le Nonne yet, but with all the great reviews, I’ll be going there soon.

    I went to Hamilton’s about a week after moving here and ordered a New York Steak. Sadly, the steak you can get at the Outback was much better, and the meal was much more filling. Also, the wait staff was very inattentive and the giant round table they sat us at was quite wobbly. Long story short, I was very disappointed with the dinner, especially after seeing how much it cost.

    What saddens me the most is the lack of ethnic restaurants here, especially Japanese. I love Asian food, and in Olympia you can find an Asian restaurant on almost every block. And everyone knows, competition spawns quality. And also lowers prices. I could pay $7 – $10 dollars for Teriyaki Chicken and Gyoza and get 3 times as much as any restaurant here. And sometimes much better quality.

    Logan has a big enough population to support more variety in restaurants. I’m tired of so many people I know thinking “knick-knack” restaurants like Chili’s/Ruby Tuesday/Iggy’s are great places to eat. Heck, I’d even settle for an Outback or Red Lobster. Layton is a bit far to go just for dinner.

    Anyhoo, there’s my two cents.

  52. Thanks Michael! The Asian food choices are limited, but there are some. Kamin offers Thai. I wasn’t that impressed last time I was there, but I’ve been told a new chef has been hired since then…

    I do like the Korean BBQ place. The ribs are excellent, and I also enjoy the sushi california rolls. Kimchi available.

    I hear Formosa is good Chinese, but I’ve not been there yet. And a new sushi place opened up next to Kakoi on 1000 North just west of Main Street. I’m thinking of trying it out.

    Good luck in your food quest!

  53. I am an employee of Blackstone so it has been interesting to read the comments here. I moved from Philadelphia to Logan in December, and the day I moved in I went to Blackstone for lunch (prior to employment). My first experience was sub par; cold food, bad service, etc. However, it is very common for new restaurants to have a few wrinkles during the opening months. I pride myself in being somewhat of a food snob, and I have grown quite fond of Blackstone’s menu. I have noticed some drastic changes in the two months I have worked there, in service and in food. The specials are great, as are the soups. I feel that when I eat there, I get what I pay for. The food isn’t any better or any less quality than the restaurants in Philly, or any other city in the same price range. I haven’t been impressed with Hamilton’s, but this is a blog on Blackstone so I won’t go there. There are a few things I love on Blackstone’s menu: the toasted garden delight sandwich, the mushroom and brie ravioli, the corn chowder, any of the steaks (they aren’t over-seasoned), and for dessert the cheesecake and roper pies are to die for! Blackstone also makes a cream soda that is delightful. I recommend giving the restaurant another try for those who had bad experiences.

    As for other local dines, I recommend Las Tormentas, Logan’s Heroes, Logan Burger (Greek food), Le Nonne, Callaways, Indian Oven, and Mandarin Garden.

    Someone asked whatever happened to Nelson who owned The Painted Table, which I absolutely loved! He went bankrupt from tax fraud and I sadly I don’t think he’ll be opening another any time soon. Word on the street however is that there is a four-star restaurant going in by the new fitness facility on Main Street. We’ll see what it can bring to our taste buds.

  54. I have to disagree with the original post. And I have eaten the best seafood in San Fran., Vancouver BC (which is probably better than anything in the US) as well as the east coast cities. Blackstone is fine and so is Hamilton’s but I don’t care for Sabor. I think it is trendy to bad mouth Cache Valley restaurants as to show what a hipster one is. Whatever.

  55. Um…taste in food isn’t “trendy.”

    There are plenty of CV restaurants I enjoy. Le Nonne (the best), El Toro Viejo, Callaway’s (for pizza), just to name a couple. I also like Take Away Gourmet.

    I wouldn’t call my preference not to spend too much money on food I consider average at best “hipster.” I call it managing my money to fit my personal priorities.

  56. Hi Miranda,

    Thanks for the info. It is helpful to read everyone’s reviews–except for the flaming ones.

    I have not been to Hamiltons. Been to Le Nonne and most other places in town. Was thinking of trying Blackstone and may yet go. I hope it does better than the myriad of hopefuls who tried to make a go at it in that little place that was called something like “Willows on the River” or whatever–you know, down there on main just south of the bridge at about 6th south. I had hoped one of those places would stick.

    For the record, I have had tenderloin at the Coppermill a few times and it has been consistently superb. Porterhouse was okay. (I know this blog is about Blackstone but we’ve seen a number of restaurants named here…)

    Lastly, a request of you or any reader. I am looking to get a bunch of restaurant gift certificates as compensation for people who help with some research I am doing up on campus (I am a doctoral student). I’ll be putting a good chunk-o-change into one place. Based on what I have read here, Le Nonne is a favorite. I’d love for any suggestions on where you think people would like to out to eat. What restaurant would you most like to have a gift certificate for? (Assuming a dinner for two.)


  57. Thanks Matt!

    I haven’t tried the Coppermill yet. You’ve put it on my list. Thanks for the tip-off.

    As far as gift certificates, I’d of course love Le Nonne. But it is expensive-ish. Maybe Callaway’s would be a more reasonably-priced option. I hear Formosa is good (I’m hoping to try it out soon).

    I think people like Bluebird. I think it’s okay, not anything to get excited about, but the prices are very reasonable for what you get, and for what it is, it’s a good value.

  58. I bought a Mac today, now where’s my hybrid car and my vitriolic rants about Cache
    Valley’s restaurants that make me feel so trendy and hip!

  59. I found this from googling “Blackstone.” We thought to try it tonight, but we’ve changed our minds after reading this blog.

    I’m so glad other people love Le Nonne, too. We thought we were alone in this opinion. That is our favorite restaurant here, and I always wonder why it’s not listed on the restaurant lists I come across, whether citysearch, usu, insiderpages, etc. They have the best gnocchi we’ve ever had anywhere. The ravioli are great, too. I wouldn’t consider myself a food snob, but I do agree with Miranda & most of these negative Cache Valley reviews.

    Diversity is definitely lacking here in Logan, as is the authenticity in ethnic foods.

    Kamin was awful when we first tried it (bad ingredients–disgusting chicken parts & curry flavor; buying Mae Ploy pastes and making it yourself would taste way better.) I guess we ought to give Kamin another chance.

    We like Indian Oven & Happy Sushi, too. We usually order take-out at these places. Happy Sushi was ok, until we started getting disgusting Hamachi nigiri. We complained and have been getting fresh Hamachi since.

    We always tip min 15% at restaurants. The service, however, is seriously undeserving of that tip at most places. My husband’s theory is that most of the people here (most seem to never venture outside of Cache Valley their whole lives?) don’t eat out much and, therefore, don’t have any experience or expectation about service.

    We’ve never had great service at Hamilton’s. We’ve gone there only a few times, and service was never impeccable for such a restaurant as it strives to be. We made a reservation and had to wait at least 30 min after our reservation time for a table. We waited at the bar and then got chased down to settle the bar tab immediately when our table was finally available. (Is there a Utah law that the bar tab must be separate from the restaurant bill?) The food at Hamilton’s is mediocre at best. Steaks are probably the safest bet. We found the seafood preparations to be awful, they masked the quality of the seafood (whether good or bad–who knows!) The service at Cafe Sabor is just as bad. The waiters are always overly eager to clear us from our table. They hand us the check almost immediately after the food arrives. And they seem personally offended if we don’t want the chips. The food is good though. We like the carne asada and the burrito supreme.

    We also find the service to be bipolar at Crumb Brothers. They are sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile; they sometimes overcharge you by as much as $7
    and sometimes undercharge you by about $.50 They never give you a receipt, so you never know if you just bought breakfast for the guy ahead of you or what… The food, while probably overpriced, is good though. The quiches and croissants are good. This isn’t the best bakery I’ve ever been to, but it’s the only bakery of this type (what do you call it, “artisan?”) we can find here in Logan. (For those anti-hipsters–talking to you “dub”, be forewarned that the clientele at Crumb Brothers are probably mostly “hipper than thou” types if not geriatrics.)

  60. Thanks for your run-down, Anon.! I know many readers will find it helpful. We usually get Crumb Brothers from re-sellers (like Lee’s), or at the Farmer’s Market (during the summer). We’ve always found it tasty :0)

  61. Wow, who knew a topic could evoke such a large response.
    I just wanted to put my two cents into the mix. Having lived outside of Utah, in the city of Phoenix, I have tried a wide variety of restaurants.
    My first comment is about the service. Unfortunately, service may suffer in Utah because the tips are horrible. If you only tipped 10% in Phoenix, people would be appalled. In the “city” the average tip for good service is at least 18-20%.
    My next comment is that I must agree that Hamiltons is lacking. We have eaten there three times to give it a fair chance, and never liked the food for the price. Cafe Sabor, however, we enjoy very much and enjoy the kid friendly atmosphere.
    We have only went to Blackstone once, but my husband and I both enjoyed it. We had the chicken and the ribs, which were both good. And my kids loved the giant desserts that came with their kids’ meals. So I would suggest everyone try it at least once, especially the ribs.

  62. Thanks for sharing! I love that this has become a look at Logan restaurants. A wide variety of opinions. Which is best. Let all sides be argued!

  63. After reading this blog, it’s become increasingly obvious that this blog is not about the restaurants in Logan or Cache Valley. What this blog is about is a bunch of people who think that because they have lived in different places or in “big cities”, they are better than Cache Valley. I was raised in a big city and spent a lot of time serving there and I’ve spent a lot of time serving in Logan. I can honestly say that serving here beats any “big city” serving job. Serving in a big city sucked. All you got was rude people, people looking for a free meal, and people who didn’t care if they stiffed you or not because they thought they were better than you. Yes, you got the good tips, but also a lot of bad tips. In Logan, almost everybody tips well, this 10% tipping is a myth. People in Cache Valley are sincere, honest, and the easiest people to serve. All the people who think that the food and service is Cache Valley is bad, please, give us all a break, I think it has more to do with how you perceive things in Cache Valley than what Cache Valley really has to offer.

  64. Very few people here think they are “better” than those in Cache Valley. What you describe as “big city” folks are just people. People are people. You find them everywhere. Here and other places.

    Nobody said everyone in Cache Valley tipped 10%. But a few people, who have served here, and elsewhere in Utah, had the experience of most people tipping little. Nobody said every restaurant in CV was bad. People have been sharing their own individual experiences. You’ve had a different experience. That doesn’t negate someone else’s. And I’m not sure which of the comments you are reading.

    Plenty of people have commented favorably on Cache Valley restaurants…Even people who don’t like Blackstone or Hamiltons have had good things to say about other restaurants. And suggested a number of restaurants to others.

    There were some comments that express that the food in CV is as good as in large, far-away cities, and others disagreed (mainly about the seafood).

    It is my belief that eventually you can find what you are looking for. I was looking for good restaurants in CV. I found quite a few that I like (Blackstone just isn’t one of them). I certainly don’t think that I’m “better” than the people who like Blackstone (my brother loves the place!).

    I found what I was looking for here in Cache Vally. Were you looking for a reason to be offended?

  65. Hey Everybody!
    I have to agree with most others on this blog about Hamiltons. Three times, not impressed. Haven’t tried Blackstone, but will at some point. I was a server in the Portland,OR area in a new restaurant, and it took a while to iron the wrinkles out. For a good steak, we go over the hill to Maddox. Great food, excellent service, good nostalgia for me, as I’ve been a customer of theirs for 37 years. As for asian food, do yourself a favor and try Kazoku in Smithfield. Best sushi in the valley. I also agree on Le Nonne, great place. Callaways is also good.

  66. We like Maddox as well :0) Best steak in Cache Valley isn’t in…Cache Valley. We sometimes hit it if we have to go to Salt Lake.

    My husband, who has been adverse to trying sushi for some reason, went on a trip this week and just discovered he likes it, so I’ll finally get to eat at some of the local sushi places.

  67. Hi I love to eat too. I was thinking about taking my girlfriend to Blackstone for her birthday dinner, but I’ve changed my mind. Also, I cannot see how a food lover would be impressed with Maddox. The mashed potatoes are definately made from a box. The rolls were good. The steak is ok, but if you want better, come to my house for dinner 🙂 It’s not worth the price in my opinion.

  68. My husband makes better steaks as well, but if you’re going to buy a steak from a restaurant, Maddox is the best place to go around here.

    Try Le Nonne for your birthday dinner.

  69. personally, i like hamilton’s and i think their service is great.

    my single experience at blackstone SUCKED. service, food, everything: sucked.

    i have only heard ONE other person say they loved it, which makes me want to go back and order something different just to give it another go, but…

    i blog with bridge, who i see has also left a comment here. i adore le nonne (the spinaci di ravioli is DIVINE and my FAVE) and callaway’s is also delish.

  70. My Wife and I went to Blackstone for lunch yesterday first time But definitely not the last we just had salads,But probably the best Ive ever had in Logan,And great crumb brothers Bread Two thumbs up on the cool Art deco feel

  71. Miranda,

    I was reading through your blog and noticed several comments about The Painted Table and her Chef, Nelson Swett. I happen to know Chef Swett personally and he’s currently the executive chef of a high end and very famous drug and alcohol rehab facility in Utah county.

    One of the comments here was erroneous and I would like to clear his besmirched name. The Painted Table didn’t close because of Tax Fraud…The Painted Table was closed by Chef Swett out of genuine concern for the health and welfare of his clients, some of whom were/are very close friends. The plumbing in that building was atrocious and he’d had to shut down for a day periodically to have something or other fixed. Three buildings fed into a sewer line that ran along the south part of the basement. At the end of May 2006 it backed up and filled the basement with raw sewage, the Landlord told him he couldn’t remove anything from the basement to clean it up, so he did what he could and hoped the Landlord would take care of the rest…it festered for weeks in the hot heat of that June without the Landlord taking care of it. He shut it down, without really telling anyone, including his staff, why not knowing the legal ramifications of having stayed open. He then called the health department who issued a letter to him later commending him for his selfless act. (I heard it took complaints from many of the other business owners on the block and the threat of or the issuance of a court order to get the Landlord to clean up the mess…the bid Chef Swett got to clean that up because of the bio-hazard was more than $45,000)

    I know that he tried to re-open in another location, but nothing in Cache Valley was ready for him to move into and open. His whole life’s savings was invested into that building. My wife and I offered to invest but didn’t have sufficient to get him what he needed…

    I also know that there were some other personal issues happening at the same time and combined with the closing of The Painted Table and not being able to reopen, sent him into a severe depression that had his wife, who’d just had a new baby, gravely concerned about him…

    I miss the restaurant terribly, no one else in this valley had/ or has Chef Swett’s philosophy, touch, or imagination. Luckily, I still see him from time to time and get to benefit therefrom…but still it would be nice to regularly have a steak grilled over that wood burning grill of his with that delectable huckleberry balsamic sauce.. I wonder if he’d give me the recipe?

  72. Thank you for clearing that up about chef Swett! Good to know stuff. It’s too bad that the Painted Table has gone. I know it was generally considered Logan’s best restaurant.

  73. Miranda, your blog is a good service. I really appreciate the response from “anonymous” to my query regarding an update on Nelson Swett and The Painted Table. I truly miss Nelson’s restaurant and if he ever finds it in his heart to try another attempt in Logan, I’d be willing to invest $$$ – perhaps a group of us could raise some impressive funds to convince him that we are serious about backing his culinary talents.
    I have another two queries for which perhaps you could help:
    (1) I enjoy Persian food – such as lavash, torshi, and “burnt” saffron rice… are there any Mideastern restaurants in Cache Valley? (2) I was unable to take visitors/relatives to a restaurant in Logan where they offered a complete Dutch Oven Dinner. There were a couple of places that had Dutch Oven style potatoes, but is there a restaurant or caterer that would provide Dutch Oven cooking for small groups [4 to 8 diners]?
    Thanks, Miranda – please continue your blog!

  74. Thanks for your comment! I have yet to find Middle Eastern food in Logan. There is some in Salt Lake (of course). If anyone else there knows different, now is a great time to share! :0)

    Also, I think that during the summer the American West Heritage Center has some nights where they do a dutch over dinner. I’d call the Center to find out. Other than that, I can’t think of a place that does ALL dutch oven…

  75. Miranda,

    I came across your blog while doing some Market research. I am a restaurant owner thinking of a location in CV. I have done extensive research in determining if CV is adequate for my business. Your blog has giving some insight into the attitude of some in your area.

    In general, found from a marketing research group, CV has a desire for quantity vs. quality. I believe this stems from large families and lower paying jobs in CV. I have made many visits to the area and to many restaurants, and this is true to a point. Yes, there is a certain portion of the population that indeed, likes non-chain dinning.

    After reading the responses to your blog, I believe I will wait a few years. I admire Blackstone for giving it another shot in CV, as well as Hamilton’s and many others. Opening a new location is always difficult, but in time many things work themselves out, although this is no excuse for poor service. What your blog has pointed out to me is, how many locals refuse to try something new based on one persons opinion, and how intolerable they are to mistakes made. There is a national shortage for good qualified workers for many different businesses, the food service is one. It is very difficult for a new restaurant to take untrained workers; sink time and money into training them, and then have the customers not come back because of some personal offense.

    Once again, I admire all those that try and make it in CV, it is difficult enough without upset patrons venting online.


  76. Thanks for your insights, Larry! The good news for Blackstone (which is doing quite well — and getting ready to host a wine tasting and food night), is that many people DON’T decide where to eat based on person’s opinion. Especially since my opinion is at odds with most people in CV.

    I agree that quantity is important here, and for the reasons you listed. A budget meal for the family is a high priority.

    I did give Blackstone a second shot, and my opinion improved only marginally.

  77. We originally tried Blackstone in January and were not really impressed. But thought we’d give it another go in May… again not impressed (don’t think we’ll go back again). We prefer Hamilton’s for that kind of larger steak/seafood restaurant. Our overall favorite place to eat in CV is still Le Nonne – small & intimate, with great food. What are people’s thoughts on the Black Pearl? It’s Japanese & Chinese cuisine. I thought the sushi was so-so, but the Chinese menu was much more extensive & interesting than the other American-Chinese restaurants in CV. We’ll go back there for sure!

  78. Kudos to Blackstone. Went there last night for the first time. Three seafood entrees: Grilled Ahi Tuna with Spicy Orange Glaze, Fresh Salmon Seattle, and the New Englander. The Fried Calamari with Ancho Chili Sauce appetizer was yummy. I really enjoyed the chef’s vegetable medley – variety or assortment of veggies was cooked just right – not over cooked; nicely flavored – accompanied by baby red potatoes. What really impressed me was not only the generous portion of Ahi, but all the seafood was delicately seasoned – NOT SALTY! 

    In contrast, the seafood at Hamilton’s was too salty and the shrimp was tough [frozen] – the service was minimal and I’ll never go back there. However, I’m definitely going back to Blackstone to try their steaks and their Specialties. The service at Blackstone was good – the ambience [renovation] was impressive when I reflect back on what used to be there {DI}… yes, I’m looking forward to going back next week. I recommend the non-pasta entrees – I really liked Blackstone!

  79. I’m glad that you enjoyed your Blackstone experience. Just shows that we all have different tastes! (Although I didn’t like Hamilton’s very much, either, even on my second go.)

  80. I just went to blackstone and had a great experience. Service was good, food was great, and the prices were not bad.

    I have to say i’m a little surprized at peoples respondes to this blog. I came accross it looking for a blackstone website to see what their hours are. What I have found is that this is supposed to be a “blackstone” blog but there are more comments for Hamiltons, Le Nonne, and Cafe Sabor. Two of those are not even the same kind of restaraunt so comparing them doesn’t make a lot of sence to me.

    I have eatten at a lot of different places and had a lot of different experiences. It seems that most people blogging here have too. For some reason though most of you seem extreemly turned off to a place just by one bad expereice; and for other someone elses bad experience is enough to keep them away.

    I would say that in CV we could use some new places and props to the people who try. Lots of the good places around including blackstone and hamiltons are not chain restaraunts. I think we should support locals and give them more then one chance. If you haven’t tried blackstone I would encourage you to and everybody that has had a bad experience give them another shot with a clean slate.

  81. I agree that new places in CV are definitely good.

    And for many blog posts, it is not uncommon to see the comments go into a different, but related, subject. I’ve gotten lots of good info from the suggestions.

    At any rate, we did give Blackstone another try, rather recently, and remain uninspired. But to each his or her own.

  82. I went to blackstone with my wife and thought the food and everything was great. So what I would like to know is from the people that said that you had a bad experience; what happened that was so bad? What are you looking for in a restaraunt?

  83. I was searching for Blackstone’s hours also and clicked on your blog site. Found it very interesting that the recent reviews of Blackstone appear to be more favorable than the early initial reactions when they first opened. I went to Blackstone’s last week and was surprised at their “moderate” prices [not overpriced compared to Salt Lake]. Service was good. The appetizers and seafood/steak entrees were tasty. I felt that Blackstone’s was worth it and will patronize them again in the near future. For pasta dishes, I prefer Le Nonne, Belle Monte, or even Calloways. I did not enjoy Hamiltons.

  84. Yes, for many people the Blackstone seems to have ironed out its kinks. We still didn’t like it for the price, but it works for many others.

    We love the pizza at Callaway’s. Best in the Valley.

  85. Because of this blog I decided not to go to BlackStone because of all the bad reviews. In light of some of the recent positive reviews a couple of friends and I decided to go. We have nothing but good things to say about BlackStone. The food was great service was great, everything.

    So I would say that miranda you need to be a little more careful about being so negitive. you might scare people away from going to blackstone to try it for themselves. I was one of those people and now I am planning to have a company dinner there.

    If you read this blog and because of some negitive comments have not gone to BlackStone I would encourage you to go. Logan needs more places like this with good food and great prices.

  86. Of course you should make up your own mind about where you eat out. As I mention, I did give Blackstone a second chance, and I remain uninspired. I still think it’s mediocre. But that’s MY opinion, and everyone has his or her own.

  87. I aggree with you there, but your original post is that logan’s new restaurant is not worth the money, and you only talk about how bad it was. It seems like you are trying to dissuade people from going and trying it. You could edit your review to be a little more positive so that people will want to go and try it out instead of thinking that the place is not worth it. Even if you are not impressed that doesn’t mean you have to say that the place is bad.

    I know you mentioned that you maybe you just went on an off day, and even tried it again and was still not impressed. I would like to know what you did like about it. what would make you want to go back?

  88. Tried Blackstone a few weeks after it opened.
    We were not impressed…….Place was like a school canteen, very noisy, no atmosphere.
    More suited to families with young kids.
    We were looking for a more relaxed and quiet meal.
    Food was not great, nothing exciting.

    Went back a few weeks ago and nothing has changed…
    Still the same uninspiring food, service was good, but staff were not very friendly.

    We prefer Hamiltons, better menu and the staff there are very friendly.
    Atmosphere at Hamiltons is really good.

  89. Thanks for sharing, anon. I figured that someone else there would agree that on second review Blackstone wasn’t worth the $$$.

    I would like to address the comment about what would need to change for me to go back. Lower prices, and/or food that was a little better. I simply remain uninspired by Blackstone. It’s not like it’s awful, but I don’t want to spend my money there. I can think five other places that I feel are a better value for my money, IMO.

    And that’s where I’ll go.

  90. Miranda? What kind of Restaurants do you enjoy!! And maybe you should open up your own restaurant!! Even better why don’t you go spend a day with Scott at Blackstone and Justin @ Hamilton’s and show them how it should be done !!!

  91. LOL. My husband and have thought about it, but, really, we make food that we like here at home, and it costs much less than making it for everyone else as well!

    Anyway, I really enjoy Le Nonne. Best restaurant in the Valley, IMO. I like Callaway’s for the pizza. For Mexican I like El Toro Viejo. I thought The Black Pearl was okay and reasonably priced for sushi, and I like heading to Korean BBQ on occasion. For lunch, I like going to the Center Street Grill or getting a sandwich from Great Harvest or The Italian Place. I find The Bluebird a great cheap option where you can get okay food — in large portions — for a very good price.

    But the guys at Blackstone and Hamilton’s already seem to know how it’s done, since they are two of the Valley’s most popular restaurants. They are what they are. And they don’t need any help from me. 😉

  92. I am surprized at everybodies mixed opinions. I have not yet tried blackstone but I think that I am going to just to see why there are so many mixed reviews.

  93. Mixed reviews are common, since everyone has different tastes and things they find attractive in a restaurant. Ultimately, it is best to try things out yourself, so you can form your own opinion.

  94. I left the post above and just went to Blackstone. For all the mixed reveiws that there are on this blog the place was packed. I ran into a lot of people that I know there and everyone of them had already been a few times before and loved it. Everyone needs to try this place! It is SO GOOD!!!

  95. i have been a fan of blackstone, but apparently blackstone is now under new managment. I am not close enough to know what happened; but I ate there and a new guy introduced himself as the new GM. I Know that it used to be susan, because she did a dinner for my work.

    I don’t know what this is going to mean for the restarant but i’ll wait and see.

  96. I went to Blackstone last night with some friends and I was told that Scott and Susan are no longer with the restaurant. We went to Blackstone because of them (we used to go to Main St Grill too). Anyone know what happened?

  97. Hi miranda,
    I have gotten quite a kick out of this blog. I have eaten at BlackStone numerous times & have had a great meal every time but once, which was in late november when they first opened. Even then the food was great, just took a long time to get it. In your opening blog, you stated you spent $60 between you and your husband, & that you ordered: The Sampler (8.95), You had the Puttenesca($11.95) & josh had the Seafood Scampi (18.95) & this is if their prices are still the same as they were back then (which i doubt they are). This totals to 39.85 plus tax, (7.5%) $2.99, & if you left a 20% gratuity, (which i doubt you did given your post)$8.57. This gives us a whopping total of $51.41. Did you order dessert? & if you did, what did you order, & did you like it. My wife & I love going their to eat, whether it is lunch (damn good sandwiches), or dinner (damn good steaks) the food is always awesome. The servers always seem happy to see us, have always been eager to please, & seem grateful to have us their. You also said that fresh ingredients were lacking, so while I was there this last time, I asked the new manager (name is Dwayne Burbank by the way) if he could show me the kitchen & the banquet room. He was extremely friendly & was more than happy to give me the tour. While in the walk-in cooler, I noticed a stack of clear plastic bins which were all labeled with different ingredients. All of them fresh, none ground or processed. I am pretty sure they use these items & don’t have them just to take up space. To anyone that hasn’t tried BlackStone yet, or that has had a bad experience to give them another shot. The food is awesome, the staff very friendly, & just a great place in general to eat at.

    To those asking about scott & susan, I was told that they quit so they could have more time with their family. The new guy had a great sense of humor, & was very easy to make conversation with. I had just as much fun visiting with dwayne while we toured the facility, as I did while eating my dinner. While I asked more questions, dwayne always included my wife in the conversations & made her feel just as important as myself. I didn’t know this, but there is a very large banquet room on the west side of the building that can be used for events up to 400 people. I hope that all goes well for BlackStone, because we need another nice place to eat with out having to drive half way to smithfield to get there. I highly recommend every person eat there at least twice, (just in case you go on a “off night”) to be sure that you make up your own mind and not let someone persuade you other wise.
    Last but not least, Why did you pick BlackStone to start a blog about instead of Hamiltons? Haven’t they been around longer?

  98. Currently my restaurant choices are in the islands, mostly Kauai and have always appreciated Honolulu’s restaurants and cuisine and have spent many years dining around the Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles area’s decades ago and must say my experience at Blackstone’s during the month of June was wonderful!

    For my taste the atmosphere and design where bright, cheery and very comfortable and the food appeared fresh and flavorful and you do get what you pay for.

    I particularly enjoyed the pomegranate margarita and macadamia covered fish. Looking forward to visiting your restaurant again soon! Aloha Nui Loa, Daiva

  99. Thanks both of you for your insights and comments. Josh had some sort of a lemonade drink and I had a virgin daiquiri, and our son got one of the kids meals (I don’t remember which). I’m pretty sure we actually spent more than $60 (though not much more), but I was rounding to make it easier for the post. And I probably did leave 20%, since, as a former waitress, I feel bad for other servers. When I’m happy with a place I leave something like 25% to 30%.

    I’m sure that ingredients aren’t unsafe, and perhaps it was an off day the first time I went. I did post in update at the top of the entry, stating that I noticed improvement, but still found the overall experience not worth it to me. I much prefer to spend my money elsewhere — so I will. I’ve nothing against someone whose opinion differs than mine. After all, it’s largely a matter of taste and perception.

    I picked Blackstone for this post (although it certainly isn’t the start of my blog, since my blog was started more than 3 months before I wrote about Blackstone) because people had asked me about it. No one had asked me about Hamilton’s because they all had been there. When more than two or three people ask me about something, I often (but not always) write about it on my blog, and several of my friends had asked if I had tried Blackstone, and what I thought.

  100. So…I rudely want to ask if the owners of Le Nonne are friends of yours, or if you own some part of their company, but I haven’t had the pleasure of eating there yet, so maybe I’ll eat there and I’ll fall in love and it’ll make sense to me why an anti-Blackstone, mildly obsessive blog is equally concerned about how wonderful this restaurant is. In one mention after another. And another. And another. That said, I went today and had the Salmon Seattle at Blackstone and was impressed by the Hollandaise sauce–something I’m very picky about. Also the shrimp and the salmon were cooked perfectly–just till done. When I saw my kids’ desserts that came with their kid meals, I wondered what they (the restaurant) were thinking–the dessert was worth what the whole kids’ plate cost–a light cheesecake with raspberry sauce. The potato-bacon soup was wonderful, and my server was great. So I talked to them about this blog, which I had come across before it became a tome, and they said they had new management and a new chef. I wonder if that explains why the food and service were, to my mind, wonderful, or if maybe…well. If owners of Le Nonne are your friends, you are a good, good, good friend.

    Kudos also to Indian Oven. I think the ambience is fun, and the food–oh, oh, oh. Mm. The people who run it are always gracious and polite. My nigiri magurao at Happy Sushi was good too…I guess I hadn’t thought of Cache as without Japanese food. There are two Japanese restaurants at least, no? I recently discovered Sweetly Divine (I love a good croissant), and the food was wonderful but the woman at the counter seemed utterly offended that I ordered coffee. Too bad, because I learned from the owner he sells Roasting Company Coffee, and you can’t possibly get better coffee than that. (Sorry, Ibis…I do love what you’re doing, and your coffee is good too.) The chef’s raspberry tart and almond croissant were great, as was his roast-beef sandwich and soup…he was nice, seemed highly schooled. Just needs to fire the counter girl who inspired in me rare fantasies of throttling someone. Clearly she needs to take her guilt of selling coffee to her bishop and absolve herself. Mean, I know. But yeah, sounds like new management and a new chef at Blackstone might have worked out well. The changes are all pretty recent, it sounded like. Maybe you should try one more time.

    And tippers. You might not realize waiters and waitresses make barely enough wages to pay their taxes, with a much lower minimum wage…they rely on your tips, many don’t make enough money to eat at these restaurants–or I didn’t, when I waitressed. Of course, I wasn’t very good. Anyway, 15% should mean a very, very bad waiter/watress. Tip 20% at least, and I promise you’ll go home feeling better about it all. There’s a reason people like Christmas even though it’s far-fetched, expensive, a rollick in ugly consumerism, busy, etc. That’s because it feels really good to give. A couple of extra dollars will buy you warm fuzzies.

  101. I don’t know the owners at Le Nonne. I just eat there if we’re going out to celebrate something big.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Blackstone. Maybe third time a charm if I go back with the new management in place? As I’ve said repeatedly, everyone has his or her own opinion, and maybe you won’t agree with my assessment of Le Nonne. I assure you that I won’t take personal offense if that is the case.

    I love the Indian Oven as well. One of my favorite restaurants in town. We also enjoyed Happy Sushi reasonably well, and thought the Black Pearl was reasonably priced for the food we got.

    I wouldn’t call this mildly obsessive or anti-Blackstone. But people keep leaving comments on this post,, months and months after it was written. (Believe me, I wish people would look at the variety of other posts on this blog and comment on those, rather than being so concerned with how I feel about food.) And I generally respond to all comments, rather than ignore them.

    I haven’t written about the restaurant anywhere else on my blog. Indeed, on my blog there are rarely posts about food.

    I agree with you about the tipping. Generosity in life does lead to warm fuzzies — and it is one of the principles of good practice in personal finances.

  102. i am a former employee of Blackstone. I started under the managment of Scott and Susan Northridge, who by the way are the best management team I have ever worked under. The actual restaurant is owned by about 6 different investors. The management change was instituted by the investors while one of the managers was on vacation. The investors Hired a new manager to take susan’s job while she was away on vacation with her children. When Scott tried to stand up for his wife and work out a plan to get her job back, he was told to leave, and the assistant chef, who has trained with scott for years got the job. I personally feel that the Northridges were treated with no respect or gratitude. They both put their hearts completely into opening blackstone, and the investors are only out for money. I refused to work under such devious management. All the recipes are still scotts by the way. I wont support a business that treats some of the most sincere talented people like the northridges with such disrespect.

  103. I have worked at the Blackstone since the beginning as well!! and can tell you that the investors never wanted Scott or Susan Northridge to leave!!! Scott sat in on the interview when they were looking to hire a general manager. The whole purpose behind hiring the general manager was to take some of the pressure off of Scott!! As far as Susan goes it had nothing to do with Susan being on vacation when the new GM started!! Susan never intended on being the GM in the first place, she kept asking for them to hire a GM so she could spend more time with her family!! Labor and food costs have been overboard from what I hear, so when the GM came on board they were going to cut Susan’s pay to a Front-end manager position!!! Which sucks!! but somethings did need to change in order for the new business to stay afloat. Needless to say Susan was very upset (which was totally understandable) but, she did come to the restaurant one day to meet with the new GM, and was planning on coming back but, then later on changed her mind, and I heard it was so she could be with her kids,
    Scott on the other hand at this point was pretty positive about the decisions they had made together about Susan Quitting!! But then a few Days later Scott didn’t seem to happy with life and gave his two weeks at the investors meeting, ( Reason being, from what I hear??? he decided that with the way things were handled with Susan he could not stay and was going to support his wife, being the way things were handled between her and the investors!! Also their son is a senior in school and I heard he wanted to find a job where he could be with his family more and have some weekends off!!) Now here’s another thing you have to understand, that I have now learned as well, is that Scott and Susan were not owners as of yet! they were buying in by working there over a five year period and then they would have been Part owners!! (They had no money invested yet! just their time and recipes so Far) When all went down the investors went to Scott (from what I hear) With a new contract to keep him, ‘saying that if he stayed they would make him part owner after 2 years’!!! After Scott gave his two weeks the job was offered to the assistant chef and he had one week to accept the position. They told Scott that during that week if he changed his mind to come and talk to them!! During that week Scott was asked several times if he was going to stay and he always said NO!! When the week was up and it was time for the investor meeting and time for the assistant chef to accept or not accept the position was the only day that I heard that Scott said he was going to stay, but he had certain conditions, one being that Susan stay and get paid a higher wage!!! The investors went into the meeting the assistant chef accepted the position they had offered him and the investors decided that with everything that had gone on between them and Scott and Susan it would be best if they cut their ties!!! The investors did buy Scott’s recipe’s and note: the assistant chef worked previously under Scott when he owned his other restaurants and has worked at several other restaurants in Park City!! Scott also did tell the investors when he gave his two weeks that he thought that the assistant Chef (Cary Northrop/Barney) would do a great Job!! So far he has not let us Down!! Scott and Susan are great people and incredible to work for! wish things could have gone different!! I wish them and their family all the Luck in the World !!!

  104. Just wanted to let the Chef Swett lovers out there know that he and I are opening a restaurant in Salt Lake City called The Wild Grape. It is on 481 East South Temple and should be open in November 2008. See you all there!

  105. Le Nonne?? With you being a self proclaimed food snob and declaring that Le Nonne is something special.. well that basically answered my question as to the validity of your Blackstone assessment.

  106. *shrug* To each his or her own. What I meant is that we are picky about where we spend money on food, and we like what we like. I think I explained that elsewhere. Food is rather subjective. And if you do not like Le Nonne, then you certainly shouldn’t take my advice on Blackstone. Since my point of reference and taste in food differs from your own.

  107. Previously, I had enjoyed dinners at Blackstone, However, recently I went there for lunch – food was OK but staff was unfriendly. Very minimal service. I’d rather go to City Grill or Iggy’s or Angies for lunch. The cost of the lunch was dampened by the aloof waiter/waitresses. I’m not going there for lunch – forget the 20% tip – the staff reflects a very poor attitude.

  108. THANKS, MIRANDA, for your blog site! Delighted to learn about Nelson & The Wild Grape – wishing y’all much success! Hope you will be able to open a branch in Logan. Please post an opening date on this blog. Look forward to dining in Salt Lake soon.

  109. Miranda, do you think that the present economic crisis has affected dining out in Cache County? I keep thinking it’s related more to the cold weather and sports on TV – from my personal experience, I’ve been cooking at home and watching baseball [as well as a few minutes watching political TV coverage]. Hope y’all aren’t affected too severely by the current financial problems. Do you cover politics in your blog?

  110. I don’t know about other people, but we have started doing lunch instead of dinner, since lunch usually costs much less. My husband is from New York, so baseball season ended for us a while ago 😉

    Anyway, I cover politics like crazy on my blog. This is just the post that most people seem to find. I rarely write about food at all. Go to the main page This Time, It’s Personal and you will see that I do a lot of politics. All I ask is that we keep any disagreements in the realm of civility.

  111. Went to Blackstone when it 1st opened.
    Very disappointed.
    Food was overpriced, sloppy and unimaginative.
    Went again a few months later hoping that things would have changed…still the same crap food.
    Horrible ambience and atmosphere.

    Went for lunch today October 16th 2008.
    Only 4 tables were occupied.
    Waited ages and ages to be served..
    c’mon, not as if the staff was busy.

    Ordered food, got wrong food served…
    Server asked if it was okay, I said “no”
    She really didn’t give a toss to be honest.

    Will not be going back to this restaurant!

  112. Harsh review! Thanks for your thoughts, though. When you find a restaurant that you don’t like, I know you like to warn others against it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  113. Chef Swett, what a joke, I am a long time part of the culinary scene in Park City and Salt Lake and I also know Swett from years ago when he worked for Scott at The Cottage Grill in Logan until he was fired for theft. He was barley capable as a line cook. The only people who would think his food was nice are Loganites with no real food culture. He will not survive one year in Salt Lake competing with real world class chefs. It will be fun to joke with all my chef friends in Park City and Salt lake about another hack opening a soon to fail restaurant that will make everyone else look better. I will send Ted Scheffler an email to review this place as soon as possible so everyone will know. I am sure that will be more that entertaining. I used to work for Scott when I was a teenager and have moved on to Executive chef positions in Park city and will always owe him for teaching me the basics. He had no control over Blackstone prices. They were not selling fine dining anyway, more of a glamorized Chilies. Fine dining in its real form would not survive in Cache Valley sad to say. Just ask the former owner chef of The Grapevine which had a ton of money to back it or it would not have survived as long as it did. It was a hobby of a talented chef. The people of Logan are not ready for fine dining, the presence of 99% chain restaurants is the proof, and they are packed. I hope the best for Chef Barney as he is also a friend and is very talented. I hope the new management will let him put his twists and talents on display. I also hope down the road real culinarians will emerge in Cache Valley to enable a fine dining food scene to survive. Also I really enjoyed reading this post, keep up the good work. It was refreshing to hear other people who know the reality of the scene in Logan. I love the Italian Place, it closed for years while I lived there but I always stop in when I am visiting. Also I am very excited to try Le Nonne based on your reviews.

  114. After reading all these comments and having a $50 Blackstone gift certificate given to me last Christmas that needed to be used before its value declined, my husband, brother-in-law and I went to Blackstone last night. I’d been for lunch back in August and it was so-so but I thought it was worth a try for dinner as long as it was being heavily subsidized. I called for a reservation for three of us at 6PM. They can take a reservation but they can’t hold a reservation. They had no record of it upon our arrival. They were pretty busy — maybe half the tables were filled plus there was a small crowd in the banquet room– but we got a booth in the back corner. It was cold in that building but nicely lit. Prices for everything were several dollars higher than shown on the online menu on their website. No drink menu was provided until we asked. Wine had a markup beyond what I thought was reasonable for what they had in stock so we had beer. We ordered the appetizer platter and it was OK but the sauces were both mayonnaise based and not very creative or flavorful. Bean soup arrived for husband and BIL. They said it was tasty with some nice spice but it was not very warm. Small servings too – about the size of a teacup. My salad was average but was garnished with canned, black, sliced olives and a sad, dented, greenish grape tomatoe. I think the raspberry vinaigrette was from Kraft. I had the smaller cut of prime rib and a baked potato. Potato was a bit hard and had one of those brown spots in its center – they had to have seen it as the potato had been split. Meat was medium as ordered but very salty. The tiny cup of “jus” had spilled all over the plate – that may have been the source of the extra salt and it sure made a mess. The mixed veggies were boring – how about doing something seasonal instead of spring/summer squash. Hubby’s ribs were tasty with some good smoke flavor but super dry and burnt on one end. There was no visible sauce or glaze despite what the menu promised, and no extra sauce was provided. Getting the meat off the bone could have pulled a tooth out of one’s head. He only ate two ribs. He did like his mashed potatoes. BIL took the rest of hubby’s ribs home in a doggy bag – he will eat anything. BIL ordered pasta Alfredo. Said it was OK. It had no garnish – a plate of blah. And I thought it looked soupy as if badly drained before saucing. The rolls were cold and hard, as was the butter. It was pretty basic food and was not well executed. They were already blasting Christmas music. Service was attentive enough. Bill including two beers and a Pepsi was ~$70 plus tip. There was an ad on the table for a wine pairing dinner on Nov 19. I wish I’d seen that ad earlier and used my gift certificate for that evening instead but I don’t have enough confidence in the place to think whatever they might charge would be worth it. I do not think we’ll be back. For the record, I do like Le Nonne and Tandoori Oven, and miss the Blue Sage (now Culinary Concepts catering) and Eddie’s. I loved Baxter’s American in SLC but it closed last week 🙁

  115. My husband and I went to Blackstone on Friday evening for dinner. We have been several times before and found it to be ok. Not my favorite, but ok. The first thing I noticed was that the prices of everything had gone up $2-$3 since our last visit.

    I know that management as well as the chef had changed and I noticed it in the food. They used to serve very good bread from Crumb Brothers, now it is just plain rolls. Their ‘signature’ dessert, the roper pie, was not as tasty as I remember it and the cheesecake recipe seems totally different and definitely not better.

    The quality seemed to have gone downhill and yet the prices were raised. It makes me wonder if they will make it through the end of the year.

  116. Thanks for the update, Stephanie! Prices everywhere are going up. Or were. I wonder if restaurants that raised prices during the summer’s inflation will drop them now that deflation is setting in…

  117. I have to have an outlett for this rant. I have eaten at black stone twice, today was the last time I will go. I went for lunch. the decor IS great but the food fails to meet up with the was the buliding looks. you can’t eat the decor. I ordered the crab cakes.aside from being old,flavorless, un-attractiveand $10 what does balsimic reduction have to do with Maryland crab? Why use unripe mango? crabcakes are one of the things that need to be done well. where was the chef, the owner? what are you guys doing, why are you in the restaurant biz? it’s not to cook and serve good food. Logan Ut must stop accepting this as “Fine dining” it is not!

  118. I should be cleaning my house right now, but instead, I’m having a really hard time getting over a nightmare experience at Blackstone last night. It was our anniversary, and since our last experience at Blackstone was OK (May, 2008), especially the crab cakes, which were outstanding, we thought we’d give it another go. I couldn’t believe the horror of this experience! I kept thinking, “Maybe the regular crew is off tonight.”

    First, they brought out nice bread which had been microwaved — very gummy, too chewy. The soup was flavorless (also, we were told they were “out of crackers”), the stuffed mushrooms were OK but not very flavorful, the Mexican salad was served with hardly any vinaigrette, and the rice was actually crunchy — but the most gruesome item was the prime rib, which was the toughest we’ve ever eaten. My husband had a view of the kitchen and thought he saw the cook pick up a piece of prime rib out of a tub of some sort of liquid — a holding brine? My husband favored just leaving and never coming back, but I had to say something. A “cheery” manager type was sent to our table. She said she could offer us a free dessert, to which my husband said, “No thanks.” She did not ask about our experience, but just left abruptly. Later, our server, who was very nice, said they were reducing the price of our meal by half, which was way better than a free dessert. From what others have said, I think we would have been better off ordering steaks.

    We have tried Hamiltons also, and found it lackluster. We did not like Cafe Sabor, and have had both good and mediocre food at El Toro Viejo. We moved here from Grand Rapids Michigan, where we ate frequently at a Chinese restaurant which had the best hot and sour soup ever — we would buy it by the quart to take home. Needless to say, we became totally spoiled and have not found its equal here or in Salt Lake. There was another Oriental buffet there which had all the sushi you could eat (and it was fresh and wonderful)as part of a buffet which cost $8 at lunch — this was a year ago. Sigh. We do love Crumb Brothers bread and have had pretty good luck at Angie’s with breakfasts. Bluebird — no thanks. Their candy is also substandard. Are we snobs? I don’t think so — we just love good, well-flavored food.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  119. Happy New Year, Miranda!
    Wishing you continued success with this column – and yes, it’s nice to be able to vent about our experiences with Blackstone and share some dining questions with you. Five of us went to Blackstone for dinner and had minimal service with mediocre entrees considering the prices were raised … we had more fun at Iggie’s and Chili’s and Angies! We won’t go to Hamilton’s or Café Sabor. We enjoyed lunches at City Grill and the El Salvador restaurants.
    P.S. For Carolyn [above comments] – IMO, the best hot and sour soup in Cache Valley is from Wok on Wheels and best of all, they deliver to your front door! On a cold, snowy evening, it’s so comforting to be able to enjoy their hot and sour soup that contains “real” authentic Chinese ingredients – we like their egg drop soup also. Please try their tiny spicy chicken and moo goo gai pan.
    Hope 2009 brings you happiness and lots of warm fuzzies!

  120. 10+ years living in Logan and 30 pounds later I know a little about the best spots….

    Best Breakfast, cinnamon rolls and cherry pie: Angie’s

    Best Overall Chinese: Mandarin Garden

    Best Tiny Spicy: Wok on Wheels

    Best pizza and break sticks: Pizza Plus

    Best middle of the road Mexican and THE best virgin margaritas: El Sol

    Best overall Mexican: Cafe Sabor

    Best fanciest restaurant in town (in sardine canyon): Belle Monte

    Best Gyros: Logan Burger and Sandwiches

    Best sub, hogie, grinder: Logan’s Heros

    Best Steak: Copper Mill

    Best REAL cream soda (the only thing I like there): Blackstone

    Okay, I could go on and on. And we all get it, I’m a fatty!

    And about Scott Northridge…he’s a great guy and wonderful manager to work for. He was my manager for over a year and made work fun.

    I really hope things work out for him.

    Mel from

  121. Don’t know if you heard or not, but Blackstone closed its doors on Saturday night. The investors didn’t even warn anyone, they just broke it to the employees that night. Word on the street is that is where the new Brew Co is going to be.

  122. Very interesting news about the demise of Blackstone!
    I just received a postcard advertising free seminar lunches on Feb 17 & 19 at Blackstone and so I contacted the sponsor of the seminars and they had not heard anything about the closing and were still accepting reservations for the events. Lawsuit time anyone?
    Thanks for your website – you’re performing a very good public service!

  123. YUP – confirmed the above news – there is a sign posted at Blackstone that says “Under new ownership – closed for remodeling” …..
    I enjoyed the “best places for …” list – would you like to revise the emphasis on Blackstone and instead solicit suggestions for “best” or “worst” places for xxxxx in Logan? I would trust the recommendations of your readers and it would reflect interesting comments.
    Thanks, Miranda!

  124. We went to LeNonne and found them to be okay. I was expecting something extraordinary with all the reviews and a “real” italian chef. We love Indian Oven or did rather when they were on 1000 N but after moving to their current location found their service and food seriously downgraded. There is good news however. The former head cook there Singh now has a restaurant again at the former location working with his family. There is a separate entrance for the restaurant. The service is the best in the valley, food to die for and ambiance much better than before. You could order anything on the menu and it would be tasty.

    I did have a good halibut with blackberry sauce at Blackstone but the rest of the times I found it kind of bland. I like the steaks at Hamilton’s and while family members have had bad experiances we never have. The service has always been good and food tasty. I love all the sweet potato items, creme brulee, and seafood as well. I grew up on the west coast so I like it fresh. I wish Hamilton’s was quieter and more intimate.

    Coppermill is usually pretty good although I have had some mediocre there as well. Iron Gate grill is nothing spectacular.

    However, I disagree with the post that EL Sol is good mexican. We had heard that and tried it. You know when there isn’t a mexican in the place something is wrong! Try El Toro Viejo instead! It is soo yummy! I have heard they have the best burgers in town but I love mexican and have yet to try them. There salsa is a wanting though.

    Logan Burgers is also good. We like the greek food there as it’s a nice change.

  125. Thanks for dropping by, H!

    Well, the man is from Tuscany. Anyway, sometimes I think Le Nonne has someone else cooking some days, since it hasn’t been as consistent lately. I agree with you about El Toro Viejo. That’s where I like to go for Mexican.

  126. We thought we would have a fun evening at Kate’s Kitchen, and found that it is now some sort of Mexican type restaurant. My kids liked Kates Kitchen by being able to serve up the portion of food they desired. We no longer head to Logan if we want a nice dinner. Bluebird is out since none of their meat dishes especially the filet mignon or the prime rib have any flavor what so ever.

  127. We have tried Hamiltons and not impressed at all. For the price, flavor or food, etc. we might as well save our $$$ and just go eat at the sizzler. We did want to try Blackstones but before we could get there they had already closed up. We just don’t know where to eat in Logan anymore!!!

  128. Cache Valley Brewing Co

    I found your blog after a google search for Blackstone’s. I just got an email from somebody from Beehive Grill’s opening night – who told me how eager they were for Logan to have a REAL brewpub, instead!

    We are currently working to open a brewpub in Logan – which will be the first brewery in town in 100 years. We also want to create an atmosphere where anybody from Cache Valley will feel welcome – and also get a good, affordable meal!

    I have been reading these comments with interest, and am eager to avoid mistakes others have made.

    For updates on our progress, please check out our blog:

    Hope to see you all there!

  129. Tried The Elements at the Riverwoods Conference Center – service was good, there were 5 persons in our party and we tried 5 different entrees – all 5 were good to excellent – best of all, the desserts were scrumptious! We will most likely go there over any other restaurant in Logan if we want something other than Italian.

  130. Hi, Miranda! Hope your summer days are cool! We have tried Pounders three times – I think the guys are trying hard to establish themselves. I was surprised when they asked if I wanted eggs scrambled for the Loco Moco – guess they are trying to please the Cache Valley customers. I thought The Elements was much better than the Blackstone Restaurant and about ten times better than Hamiltons with better service – hope your experience at the Elements will be terrific, too!

  131. Hi Miranda, I stumbled upon this post and the (holy cow) response it drummed up. I’m fascinated by the strong response food can bring out in people … glad to see you blogging, I’ll follow with interest.

    I write a bit for the Herald Journal on food (look in Friday’s arts section, and sometimes on the bi-weekly food section). I’m always looking to make contacts with food people in Logan. (Although I’m not as strongly opinionated about restaurants as some of your readers, I tend to compare food in restaurants to what I make at home, or eat in general, not to the best thing I’ve ever eaten).

  132. Interesting to run across this thread after a few years. Blackstone is long gone and I think Hamilton’s has gone way down hill. Not sure what is happening there but the the last three times we have been there the food is not up to the quality it once was. I have had to send steaks back each time for poor cooking and the last time the beef had the taint of an uncastrated bull. We have not been back and not sure I will return for a while. It is very sad to see a good restaurant lose the quality it was founded on. I see they are adding an addition so they will start serving even more mass prepared food and soon it will just be Copper Mill North.

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