Blogging Course Review: Write a Blog People Will Read

Do you want to learn from one of the masters of writing? This blogging course from Donna Freedman will get you started down the path to success.

Donna Freedman is one of my writing heroes. It’s no surprise: She has years of experience as a journalist, and I tend to admire those with a journalism background. Donna tells compelling stories with integrity. In the world of financial blogging she’s not the flashiest person out there, but she is one of the most respected. As I struggle with my own place in the blogging world, Donna serves as a role model.

When she announced that she was launching a WordPress course, Write a Blog People Will Read, I knew it would be insightful and useful. And, after looking it over (and taking longer than I should have to do so), it appears I’m right. Write a Blog People Will Read  (follow that link for 21% off) is the most useful blogging course I’ve seen in terms of practical advice about creating something others will enjoy — and that will eventually earn you money. If you want to learn from the master, this course is well worth the investment.

Content vs. Writing

After exhorting you to get started, Donna dives into the content vs. writing debate. And pretty much nails it:

The difference between content and writing is the difference between McDonald’s and Ruth’s Chris. Or, to continue that meaty metaphor, it’s the difference between those cheap supermarket hot dogs made out of pig lips and a small-batch European artisanal sausage made with organic ingredients from a centuries-old recipe.

A lot of what I do as an online freelance writer and professional blogger is the very definition of content. It pays the bills, but it doesn’t always have a lot of heart. Donna shows you how to move from content production to writing in a way that forces you to look at yourself and dig a little deeper. She outlines how you can bring your voice to your work, and offers insight into avoiding “autopilot.”

Donna Freedman Blogging CourseDon’t forget about length. One of my pet peeves is the never-ending quest to please Google with longer posts. In theory, longer posts are meatier. In practice, they’re often just fluffy filler. When I have to hit a particular word count, the unnecessary adjectives, passive voice, and new words for ideas expressed earlier all make appearances. It’s a sad thing, but that’s the way it is.

Donna makes the case for active, pithy writing. Readers like Donna because she makes her point without belaboring it. Using examples, Donna illustrates methods for better writing. She breaks down the examples to show you exactly what makes a piece of writing strong and interesting. Like Stephen King, Donna advocates killing off the “darlings” of your writing. These are the standbys that you turn to — and that can hold you back. There are a number of ways to improve your writing by changing your bad habits. Donna identifies those habits, and provides strategies for overcoming them.

Throughout Write a Blog People Will Read, Donna offers practical advice you can start using today. She assigns exercises that will challenge you and provide much-needed practice. Tips scattered through the course help you focus your thoughts and learn valuable takeaways. From real-life examples of what to do (and what not to do), you will learn how to become a better writer. This blogging course is well worth the $147 price tag (or the $116.13 price tag, if you buy through this discounted coupon link). Buy it, write it off on your taxes, and take advantage of Donna’s three decades of professional writing experience.

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