Blogging on Your Own: Publishing Too Many Zombie Guest Posts

Is your blog being taken over by zombie guest posts?

Recently, my other blog has been slightly taken over by zombie guest posts. As a blog owner, it is tempting to accept a lot of blog posts because it’s free content. And, you might be busy, or on the verge of burn out.

The latter the case with me right now. It’s summertime, so my son is home all day (except when he’s at camp). Plus, during the summer, I do things like go camping and take staycations. On top of that, my husband the college professor is home more — he’s only teaching a couple classes this summer — and that means that he’s interested in doing things like going to lunch and taking advantage of the good weather.

Summer is a lot more spontaneous for me, and my schedule is a lot more fluid. And that means that I don’t always have the time to write for my blog. Especially when I have paying clients that I need to take care of first. (Sorry, business partner Tom, my blog gets lower billing when I have others to write for.)

At any rate, allowing guest posts allows me to free up a little time, while the blog is regularly updated with fresh(ish) content. Plus, it stops me from hoarding links, and provides readers with another voice, and possibly another viewpoint. Not a bad way to go. But it does have a big drawback.

It’s not really my blog anymore. And some of the blog posts are kind of like zombies: Low quality and taking over everywhere.

Zombie guest posts


Limiting the Guest Posts

After the last couple of weeks, it seems clear that things are a little out of hand. How much of that content is even me? And is it even good? When I first started this site, I was really picky about the guest posts. If something wasn’t of decent quality, I rejected it. I even had a few people email me and tell me off for being a horrible person for not posting their guest posts.

Since then, though, I’ve been letting a few things slide. It’s easier to just throw something up than it is to edit it (and I hate editing), and it’s easier to publish a guest post than to think of something to write — especially if I’m working on a deadline for someone else.

But I think I need to go back to being picky. After all, it is my blog. It’s not someone else’s blog, and I can be picky about the guests posts that I accept. Plus, I’d like to think that people want to read what I write sometimes. After all, I am creating content for my readers. It’s hard to keep the readers happy with low-quality stuff from random others when, presumably, they read my blog because they might be interested in what I have to say.

While it’s nice to bring in other voices in, especially the voices of you online buddies, who have interesting stories, it’s a good idea to remember what makes your blog unique: YOU. Let your friends and other interesting bloggers guest post, but limit the guest posts from random people looking for a little link juice. I need to get back to that idea, and go back to being a little pickier.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging on Your Own: Publishing Too Many Zombie Guest Posts”

  1. Monroe on a Budget

    Do not apologize to anyone. You are allowed to be picky. It’s YOUR blog. After all, if the other people want to host their own blog, they can.
    I actually got to the point a couple of years ago where I drew a geographic line for guest posters. I’m in Michigan, but near the Ohio border, so I have a posted policy that says all guest posters must live in, go to school in, or work in MI or OH.
    Furthermore, if someone doesn’t explain how they met my local expectations, I know they hadn’t read those instructions. Therefore they get an automatic no! Think about it: If random people I’ve never met don’t read what I expect from the start, how can I expect them to follow any instructions I give later?

  2. In the past I was pretty lenient with guest posts on one of my blogs, to the point where I’d barely glance at them before posting them. But once the quality starts to go down people notice and it can take a lot of work to undo the damage.

    These days I’m very skeptical of guest post requests unless I’m already friends with or at least aware of them.

  3. Miranda Marquit

    I don’t mind accepting guest posts from people I know online, and even occasionally accepting them from others that I don’t know. But after looking at my recent number of guest posts, it’s clear they need to be spread out more — and in some cases I need to go back to rejecting people for poor quality.

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