Book Review: The Economy of You by Kimberly Palmer

Want to know how to start a successful home business? Read The Economy of You by Kimberly Palmer.

One of the most helpful books I’ve read about starting a side gig is Kimberly Palmer’s [easyazon_link asin=”B00F8GFMU4″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” tag=”moneyseed-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” nofollow=”default” popups=”default”]The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life[/easyazon_link].

Kimberly takes you step by step through everything you need to know about creating a successful side gig from what you know, who you are, and where your talents lie. Not only do you get practical, step-by-step instructions, but you also have access to dozens of real-world stories of side-giggers who are leveraging themselves to find financial freedom.

Create a Stable Economy With YOU at the Center

The Economy of You takes a look at the new economic realities facing many of us. You can no longer rely on your day job for long-term financial success. The days of working for a single company for 30 years and collecting your pension at the end of it are?long gone. Some people in my parents’ generation (like my dad) will still retire with a pension, but those of us who are younger can’t rely on a “good job” to provide for us for years.

Instead of being at the mercy of an employer, you need to go out there and take charge of your financial situation and your earning power. In many cases, that means ethically starting a side gig to provide yourself with a little income diversity.

Kimberly’s book shows you how. She takes you through the steps of starting a side gig, and growing it into some serious side income that you can use to grow your nest egg, pay off debt, or just feel more secure about your life. The examples in the book provide you with a look at people who:

  • Started a side gig and then had to fall back on it when the day job fell through.
  • Started a side gig and continue to keep it as a side business because there is no desire to quit the day job.
  • Started a side gig with the intention to grow it into a source of income that could replace a day job.

No matter your goals, The Economy of You has actionable advice that can help you on your journey toward financial independence by relying on your own ingenuity to create income. In a world where economic uncertainty is the new normal, developing your own personal economy and creating income diversity are essential.

Fuel Your Search for the Perfect Home Business

One of the things I love about The Economy of You is the fact that it includes a number of helpful resources at the back of the book. I read the book on my Kindle, so I was surprised to come to the end with a decent chunk of the book still to go. I discovered that nearly 40 percent of the book is devoted to a handbook that takes you through the process of creating your own side gig.

First, you have access to exercises and worksheets that help you answer questions about yourself so that you can find the perfect side gig. Kimberly also provides you with the steps to create a personalized game plan for your side gig. “Pick the side gig that’s best suited to your background, lifestyle, and personality,” she suggests in the book.

She also provides practical steps for reviewing your finances and making sure that you can handle the challenges that can come initially when starting a side gig. This is especially important if you plan to turn your side gig into an income replacement.

Finally, she breaks down the top 50 side gigs, and what it takes to get into them. If you are looking for great ideas, there’s bound to be at least one on this list that suits you. And, as she does in the rest of the book, Kimberly provides real-life examples of people who have “made it” in each of these side gigs.

If you want to start a side gig, but you aren’t sure how to go about it, Kimberly Palmer’s The Economy of You is a great place to start.
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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. I was not paid to write this review. All opinions my own.

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  1. Nick | Millionaires Giving Money

    I like the idea of ‘Economy of Me’. I too treat my personal finances as though I was running an economy. I always more income than expenses and I try to invest the money for the long term. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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