Book Review: Managing for People Who Hate Managing by Devora Zack

Do you hate managing? Learn to love it with help from Devora Zack’s book.

I’m going to be honest: One of the reasons that I began freelance writing is that I really don’t enjoy interacting with other people in a work setting. Yes, I wanted to work from home and be here for my son. But I also didn’t want to have to deal with office-type politics.

One of my former employers had us all take a personality quiz that assessed our work style. It was meant to help our managers figure out the best style to use when working with us.?Mine basically boiled down to, “Leave her the hell alone, and let her do her job the way she wants.” It worked out because my manager was actually in another city, and since I did a good job, there wasn’t need for much hands-on supervising from my superior.

And, just as I don’t like being managed, I don’t like managing others. That means that in order to advance in the “real” world of traditional jobs, I had a serious drawback. You have to manage people if you want a promotion. My home business basically ensures that I won’t have to manage people.

Unless I want to expand.

Can a Love of Management Be Learned?

Devora Zack has written a book about learning to love being a manager. Managing for People Who Hate Managing: Be a Success By Being Yourself?offers a look at how you can overcome your concerns about managing other people. So far, the most I’ve done is hire someone to submit my stuff to social media. It’s really easy, and requires almost no management from me.

But at some point, I might want to hire more freelancers, or outsource more tasks. Managing would become important then, and I’m just not that into the idea of it. However, Zach has put together a book about creating your own management style based your own characteristics. None of us like trying to be something we’re not. We can all be managers, and still be ourselves.

Zach helps you look inside yourself, and learn to adapt management to you. You are invited to explore why you hate managing others, as well as how to work with others, and manage them. Zack approaches different scenarios, included the dreaded what-happens-when-I-have-to-start-managing-my-best-friend-at-work? situation. It’s a no-nonsense, realistic look at what is really likely to happen.

Throughout the book are worksheets that can help you really dig into what you are thinking and feeling, and how you can use that to become a more effective manager. It’s an interesting read that includes information based on the Myers-Briggs Indicator to help you assess who you really are.

In the end, I found Managing for People Who Hate Managing?a helpful journey of self-discovery. While I’m not sure that it actually made me enjoy managing, the book did give me some ideas on how — if it becomes necessary — I could go about being an effective manager in my home business.

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  1. Hi Miranda,

    I am a bit like yourself. I love writing and while I love interacting with people, sometimes I just love being by myself and working by myself.

    That’s what made me read further about your review of this book. I haven’t read it yet but will put it on the ‘to-read’ list. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Take care,

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