The Born-Agains Have Come to Save My Mormon Soul

I love stories of people coming to Utah to do a little soul-saving. My Mormon soul needs it on so many levels. Mormons think I need it because, despite the fact that I am active in the faith, I am liberal. Therefore, my Mormon soul is danger of eternal mediocrity in the Terrestrial Kingdom. The people that come to Utah to do soul-saving do it because a Mormon soul can only go to one place. I think we all know where that is.

This time, some born-agains came to the Utah State campus here in Logan. They’ve been preaching about the evils of Mormonism, according to the local newspaper, the Herald Journal:

“When people embrace Christ, they will want to go to a certain kind of church, one that has only the Bible with nothing added or taken away. If someone is perfected, they will leave the Mormon Church.”

There’s so much wrong with that statement that I don’t know where to start. So I won’t.

I will say, though, that it’s good to have a little soul-saving here in Utah. We need a little faith challenge. What good is your faith, any faith, if it can’t stand up to the heat? And Utah needs a little more challenging of the Mormon faith. Mormons need more chances to stop and say to themselves: “Do I really believe this?” They shouldn’t go looking for things that are “wrong,” but ask themselves if they really believe that the church is right.

My Mormon faith has held up to living on a vineyard and winery in Austria (no, I didn’t try any of the wine), multiple interviews with atheist scientists, a stint living Back East and even being taught evolution and going through sex ed in school. Through it all, I’ve been challenged, and my faith is stronger. I don’t look for reasons to challenge my faith, but I don’t get defensive about it and ignore the challenges. As a result, I believe the Mormon church is true from emotional and logical standpoints, as well as from a spiritual standpoint.

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