The Boy and His H1N1 Vaccine

Today, The Boy should be getting his H1N1 vaccine at school. I was pleased to see a permission slip come home for the swine flu vaccine, since that meant that I wouldn't have to try to take The Boy to the health care department to get a shot. I took him in for his seasonal flu vaccine at the beginning of the school year. And it turned out to be a good thing, since our area ran out shortly thereafter.

I know that not everyone is into getting these vaccines, but I had The Boy get his first seasonal flu vaccine last year, and I was amazed at the difference it made in the time he spent being sick last winter. So I decided to go for it again this year. I'm not sure that I would have taken him in for the H1N1 vaccine, but since it is being administered at the school, it's not an issue, since I signed the permission slip.

The news that schools in our area were getting an allotment was especially welcome after finding out that Goldman Sachs was one of the Wall Street big wigs that received swine flu vaccine allotments before hospitals, clinics, schools and even government officials. Clearly “We the People” need to get better connected, since the decision was made by the CDC.

Personally, I don't get the seasonal flu vaccine, and I'm not on the list of people at high risk for the H1N1 virus. I don't usually have problems in general, and since The Boy is the person I have the most contact with, protecting him normally proves effective.

Do you get the flu vaccine? Are you interested in getting the H1N1 vaccine?

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4 thoughts on “The Boy and His H1N1 Vaccine”

  1. My 2 and 3 year old got a seasonal flu shot at the doctors office when the 3 year old had a checkup. At the two year olds check up 3 weeks later, they would have given them H1N1 shots but they didn’t have any. Technically we should all get all of the shots because of the four month old baby. I’ve haven’t worried enough about it though to seek the vaccinations. I think I, the five year old, and the two year old had H1N1 this summer. I was 9 months preggo at the time, so I’m hoping that helped the baby get some immunity.

  2. Vaccines can be a controversial topic. Yes I am one of those many parents who think that unless it is a life-threatening disease you don’t need a vaccine. Though of course I PASS NO JUDGEMENT ON PARENTS WHO DO VACCINATE THEIR CHILDREN. It is a right all parents have.

    My son got a bad fever after getting his MMR shot and never acted the same. He became withdrawn, eye contact became worse, only liked to play by himself and just in general started acting different. From there things got progressively worse with lots of antibiotics for ear infections and a nasty virus. He was diagnosed officially with Autism last month.

    It is my opinion as long as you keep an eye on a child’s illness during this swine flu thing I think most children are fine. If they seem like they have the flu take them in to your doctor and see if they have the swine flu. If they catch it early enough there are simple treatments for it.

    This goes against EVERYTHING any doctor or the CDC will tell you. But we are a nation with a healthcare system built around treatment and not prevention and the drug companies have enormous power in all of this. Drug companies make billions off vaccines and they fund many medical schools and fund the studies that say vaccines don’t cause or trigger autism – how can you find real answers. (That is another subject entirely)!!!

    Sorry this is such a long comment but our family does have experience with vaccines and I have read a lot about it lately.

  3. I’m sorry you had so much trouble with vaccinations. I know that some kids really do have adverse reactions. You are right that prevention is a big thing. If we focused more on HEALTH care in this country, we would all be better off. What we have now is really SICK care.

    At any rate, the vaccination, in our case, has been great, since mixing with others is one of the big reasons The Boy used to get the flu three times every winter. Now he is sick maybe once. It’s been a great prevention tool for us. But, like you say, it’s an individual decision, and what’s right for us isn’t right for everyone.

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