Calculating My Carbon Footprint

October 15 is Blog Action Day, and I am participating on all of my blogs. I thought it might be fun to figure my carbon footprint. There are lots of sites that do this for you. I did quite a few, just to get a general idea. And while my household is well below the national average, we still beat out the planet average. Mainly because, ultimately, even if we are less damaging than most Americans, we still are, in fact, Americans, and therefore consume more than anyone else on the planet. But we're trying to curb the damage we do.

Here are my favorite three: (it's a U.K. site, so remember to switch to the USA version)
Nature Conservancy (this one is really cool, and breaks it down for you)
My favorite? This awesome consumer consequences game from American Public Media. It even tells you how many planets would be destroyed if everyone lived like you.

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  1. Great sites, thanks for the links. I don’t even want to share how many worlds I was up to. It is strange but with a lot of things, particularly energy and produce, it is difficult to reduce your footprint when you are poor. We as a family are still try though.

  2. I got 2.6. Mostly because of the food. I admit we eat way more meat than we probably should. :p Oh well, at least we’re down from what I’m sure would have been 5 or 6 a couple of years ago. :p

  3. LOL, I don’t think expense is my problem as much as habit. We do try to buy local/organic a lot, I think the problem is that we still depend a lot on meat and dairy. And we probably eat more than we really need (well, me at least). It was really interesting how much less I was eating on Weight Watchers earlier this year, but I still felt satisfied. I’m one of those people who can just eat and eat and eat if something tastes good, regardless of whether I need it or not. :p

  4. I have the same problem. However my eating without stopping focuses mainly on carbs. I love bread. And cookies (sugar carbs…mmm…). I’ll sit and eat bread-related products well past the point I get full.

    And I like cheese as well. But I’ve been trying to cut back my dairy to the three servings (maybe four) recommended to get me my calcium. It’s hard, but I also have five more pounds to go…

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