Can YCharts Help You Make Better Investment Decisions?

YCharts might be able to help you research investment ideas for your portfolio.

If you are looking for a way to choose stocks more effectively, using research and fundamental analysis, one of the tools you might consider using is YCharts. This is a tool that allows you to research stocks, using a variety of factors. There are two versions: A free, basic version, and a Pro, paid version (you do get a free 14-day trial, though).

Even with the free version of YCharts, you can still find quite a lot of information about various stocks. Enter a quote into the field offered by YCharts, and you end up with a number of options. The basic quote comes with the information you expect from a quote, including a run down of information on market cap, performance, P/E ration, and more. You can also click on different areas of the quote chart to see trends over as little as five days and as many as 10 years.

Other tabs allow you to take a closer look at valuation, and see different ways of deciding valuation, including price to sales, price to book and P/E. There are also enterprise valuation charts, but you need the Pro version to access those. YCharts also provides you with a look at the financials.

If you are interested in the stock, you can use the “Dashboard” tab for an overview of various charts, making it easy to pinpoint a specific chart of interest.

Screen Stocks

It's also possible to use the YCharts stock screener to find investing ideas. There is an interactive filter that starts you off with the basics: Market Cap and Dividend Yield. You can add more filters, though, according to what's important to you. This makes it possible for you to look only at stocks that seem like a good fit for you.

You can also get ideas by reading analysis, news and looking at information by sector. Economic analysis helps you determine how what's going on right now in the economy might affect the investments you are considering. Note that you can also view historical data for ETFs using YCHarts.

If you pay for the Pro version, you will also get access to different portfolio strategies. Some of the interesting offerings include “Dividend Power,” Ben Graham Formula,” and “Warren Buffett Universe.”

Bottom Line

If you are interested in building your own portfolio through picking stocks, or adding index funds and ETFs, YCharts can provide you with a great deal of information. You can set up alerts to track your portfolio, and you can find ideas for investments that meet your needs. Charts with a variety of intervals allow short-term traders and long-term traders alike help in developing an investment strategy.

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