Christmas Cards for Soliders

I'm a liberal. This leads some (mostly conservatives) to conclude that I dislike the military and do not like soldiers. This is not true. (It's called baseless vitriol, people. Most liberals recognize the necessity of the military and support soldiers. Right-wing propaganda is responsible for the perception to the contrary.)

I dislike war, and I especially abhor unnecessary and expensive wars that have been botched by civilians with no real military experience to speak of. But I love, respect and honor soldiers. I have soldier friends. My husband's cousin is a soldier, getting ready for yet another tour of duty in Iraq. The post on how the Bush Administration pays lip service to “supporting our troops” and then does the opposite is a long one that I will spare you from right now.

Anyway, now that I have been made aware of a great program aimed at comforting and thanking soldiers this holiday season, I'm all for it, and thought I would share.

This is a Xerox program that will send a card to a soldier in Iraq. I found out about it from Terina over at Life as a Military Wife. Visit her site and find out more.

Unfortunately, a program sent along by an old colleague via email does not work. The idea was to send the card to “any wounded soldier” at Walter Reed. However, due to anthrax scare and security, etc., the letters have to be addressed to a specific soldier, or they will be discarded.

Send some holiday cheer to a soldier this season. No one deserves more than the men and women of the U.S. military!

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