Christmas Cheer at the Marquit Home!

I've been asked what the new house looks like, all decorated. So I thought I'd post a few pictures of our efforts to be Christmas-y. The joy.

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  1. hi. found you via fmh. just wanted to say that i won’t watch the golden compass because i just don’t like movies like that. not because its evil or because of the author. i don’t like harry potter either. so, even though i voted that i won’t see it, its not because its evil. just not a fan of fantasy type stuff.

  2. Hi, Terina! I suppose I should have created an answer for people like you :0) I love fantasy so much, that sometimes I forget that not everyone does…

    My husband isn’t much for fantasy, either, though he does like LOTR. But he doesn’t like juvenile fantasy, like HP or Narnia, etc.

    Happy blogging!

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