Could We Get a Parking Structure in Logan?

Next Tuesday (April 13) the Logan city council is going to vote on the park strip issue. Of course, the city wants room for parking for the public. But people who live in the houses need places for their cars as well.

But what about building a parking structure in downtown Logan? There are public lots in the downtown area that would allow for building a parking structure. And, as my visiting teaching companion pointed out (yes, we're solving city infrastructure problems while visiting teaching), it is possible to make less eye-sore parking structures by adding brick facade and other embellishments.

Downtown parking is an issue in Logan, and maybe a parking structure would help. Especially since the valley is expected to see more growth. If there's going to be a vibrant downtown, either the public transportation needs to be taken up a notch or two (downtown shuttle?) or more parking needs to be arranged. Or both.

What a parking structure wouldn't help, though, are those who are abusing park strips by leaving undrivable cars sitting out in the front. Perhaps something should be done about that?

What do you think about the park strip issue in Logan?

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