Couldn’t Resist This: John McCain 2000

“I just have to rely on the good judgment of the voters not to buy into these negative attack ads. Sooner or later, people are going to figure out if all you run is negative attack ads you don't have much of a vision for the future or you're not ready to articulate it.”
— John McCain, 2000

One of the biggest disappoints I've experienced in watching politics has been the re-making of John McCain. He used to be an honorable man who eschewed negative politics and who fought for change in Washington. I loved John McCain 2000. I voted for him in the Republican primary back then. I think this country could have been much better if not for the negative tactics and lies employed against him by the Bush 2000 campaign. One of the reasons I dislike the Bush Administration so much is because through sneaky and underhanded means, Bush and his cronies deprived us of a much better leader.

Since then, we've both changed. McCain has embraced the negative approach once used against him, and he has adjusted his stance on a number of issues (from tax cuts for the top 1% to hiring lobbyists to run his campaign, to agreeing with Bush on a lot of things — or at least saying he does). Even noted conservative George Will thinks that the McCain campaign has derailed and is taking a bad turn with all the “Obama is a bad person” stuff. And George Will and I agree on very, very little.

I've migrated in my politics to something left of center as a progressive and a bit of a populist.

So McCain just doesn't work for me anymore.

7 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resist This: John McCain 2000”

  1. I read this post out loud to my husband while he was watching baseball and he said, “wow, this lady is awesome” – because we literally agreed with every word you wrote. It’s a real shame because being natives of Arizona we have been a fan of McCain for years – until recently. But its not that same McCain running now.

  2. I tend to agree with you there. I’m extremely disappointed in the man McCain has become. Until recently, I really did think he was a different man than other politicians. But after he supported the 70 billion dollar bailout that I am absolutely convinced will not save us in the long run, I’ve changed my opinion of him. He just jumped on the bandwagon. I used to think he had integrity and would at least do what he says he will do, but I don’t believe it any more. So now we’re stuck choosing between bad and worse, and I’m not sure which is worse any more.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Miller and Lacey! It is a bummer when you see what ambition can do to someone. I think a lot of people are disappointed in John McCain right now.

  4. Well done. I p[osted something similar at my blog recently.

    IT really is a shame about McCain… in truth, I had no plans to vote for him, but his descent into the muck isn’t what I expected from him.

    (I found you via Vered)

  5. I think a lot of people are agreeing with you. I hope that Americans are smarter this election and don’t give a grain of salt to those negative attack ads and frankly I sick of them already.

  6. It does actually seem that negativity is out this election. While it has worked in the past, this go many people seem to be wondering why the McCain camp is spending so much time on character assassination when there are real, meaty issues out there that are affecting people in their every day lives.

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