Create a Home Office You’ll be Proud to Work in

Are you ready for a better home office? Here's how to set yourself up for success with the help of your workspace.

Working from home offers amazing advantages. From a flexible schedule and no commute to being able to call your own shots and work on something you're passionate about, it's little surprise so many people want to be solopreneurs. If you're want to be successful in business, you need to create a home office that is comfortable and allows you to focus.

Choose a Location

Select a room or area in your home where you'll set up your office. Though any space will do, the best place for a home office is a room away from all the distractions. Choosing a place like the living room, for instance, where everyone congregates, can cut into your progress and slow you down. Instead, try a spare guest room, the basement, or the attic. If you have a separate garage or shed, you may be able to set up an office in there as well.

Clean Up

Unless you happen to have a clean and free space in your home, you probably need to do some cleaning to get things in order. Whether you've designated an entire room for your home office or just a small space inside of a room, you want to clear it of any clutter and debris that would make it unhealthy or uncomfortable to work in.

Choose a Color

Before moving furniture into the space, you consider the color you'd like your office to be. Color has a major impact on mood, so be sure to choose a color that energizes you and/or relaxes the mind. Great color choices for home offices include white, blue, gray, and some shades of green.

Invest in the Right Office Furniture

At the bare minimum, your home office requires a desk and chair for you to work from. While any chair, table, or desk, may work in the beginning, it is ideal to invest in quality furniture designed for office spaces. Choosing a comfortable computer desk and chair will ensure that you're comfortable while you're sitting at the desk for long hours. For those who will be sitting for hours, consider ergonomic furniture like standing desks, specialized keyboards, and chairs is beneficial to reduce the risk of workplace injury or strain.

Think About Lighting

Staring at a computer screen all day can result in eye strain and headaches. Proper lighting can minimize the impact it has on you. When a room is well-lit, there is less of a need to strain to see important documents or screens. If you're fortunate enough to have a space with lots of windows, invest in window treatments like blinds or sheer curtains that allow in as much natural light as possible. If not, there are a lot of light fixtures you can invest in to increase the lighting in the room.


Your home office is almost complete. All that's left is to add some accessories to make it your own. Get creative in adding things to the space that make you feel at ease in the space. Hang some of your favorite paintings, perhaps invest in flowers for your desk, add a television or sitting area for your breaks. Whatever you can do to make the space unique, now is the time to do it.

No matter what industry you're in, one thing remains certain. You spend long hours in your home office. It should most certainly be a space that you enjoy. Start by finding a room in your house that is free from distractions. Next, clean and begin creating a space that's not only attractive but functional. All that's left to do is set up your tech, set your hours, and let everyone know you're open for business.

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