Delicious Dinners in Logan: Take Away Gourmet

I recently, after seeing a story about it in the newspaper, tried Take Away Gourmet. This is a delicious take out restaurant in Logan, and definitely worth the price. We got the maple chicken, Hungarian paprika potatoes, and the green beans. And cookies. Dark chocolate chunk with cranberries. Mmmmmmmm.

The other thing I like about Take Away Gourmet is that these guys are real chefs, with real culinary training. And they use seasonal ingredients and try to get as much of it locally as they can.

It's actually in Providence across from Macy's. If you're down there, I'd call ahead and order dinner for take out. It's like a home cooked meal. But much better than anything I could ever do. I will definitely be going back. (For $5 they offer delivery.)

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2 thoughts on “Delicious Dinners in Logan: Take Away Gourmet”

  1. Agree with you about Take Away Gourmet! I saw the article in the HJ and stopped by that very night to pick up dinner, only to find out they’d run out of food before 6 p.m. (Talk about the power of publicity, eh?)

    So I ordered ahead the next day — one salmon dinner with roasted potatoes and fresh green beans, one mustard-crusted pork loin with carrots and oven-fried potatoes. And for dessert, the butterscotch pudding.

    It is fantastic, and I’ll probably become a regular.

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