Discount Code: Get Up To $30 Off Your Medical Bill when You Use Simplee

Last year, I reviewed Simplee, an online service that helps you manage your health care accounts and information. Simplee keeps track of your health insurance claims, and also has compatibility with Health Savings Accounts. You can keep tabs on which bills you need to pay, and which claims have been processed.

Simplee also provides you with a way to organize your health care costs, and even pay your health care bills online. Simplee also alerts you if you are being charged for something that ?you shouldn't be paying for. It's a convenient way to manage your health care expenses.

Get Up to $30 Off Your Next Medical Bill

You can get up to $30 off on your next medical bill when you use Simplee. Through the end of February, Simplee if offering to pay $10 of your next health care bill when paid through Simplee. Just use the code “promo-10” (Don't type the quote marks.) However, if you want an extra $20 off, you can be one of the first 20 people signing up with the code “business” (Again, don't type the quote marks.)

In any case, promo-10 will work throughout the month to get you a discount, and if you hurry, you might be one of those 20 who gets access to an additional discount by using the business promo code. You can follow @SimpleeHealth on Twitter.

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