Do You Need Identity Protection from Equifax?

Could you get peace of mind with an identity protection product from Equifax or some other credit reporting agency?

One of the biggest scares of our modern world is identity theft. There's so much financial information out there, and your identity is vulnerable. As a result, many people prefer to sign up for identity protection to provide peace of mind.

Among the sites that can provide you helpful information about identity theft and protecting your identity is Equifax's Identity Protection site. You can also sign up for a product like ID Patrol (which costs $16.95 per month).

Equifax Identity Protection

Identity Protection Products

The reality is that you don't actually need identity protection products in order to stay on top of your situation. You can use to help you keep up with your credit report information, and there are free credit score and credit information sites that can help you see how you stack up — and even help you keep track of what's happening with your credit, staying on top of new accounts.

However, many people find free sites inadequate for their needs. For those who want something that is more active, sending alerts and keeping you on top of the situation, identity protection products can help. However, you have to pay for these products.

All of the major credit reporting agencies, as well as, offer identity protection products designed to help you keep track of what's happening with your information. And, while you don't need these products, they can provide peace of mind.

Learn More about Identity Protection

Even if you don't sign up for an identity protection product, you should still keep up with what's happening when it comes to your identity. A site like can help you learn about the latest in identity theft news, as well as offer tips and tricks to protect your identity.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely guarantee that you can protect your identity. In fact, for many people it's not a matter of whether or not your identity is stolen, but rather when it happens. The faster you learn that your identity has been compromised, the faster you can take care of the situation and get your credit back on track.

This is exactly why many people like the ID protection products. Even though you can keep track of your own information as long as you are vigilant, paying for a service can help you receive alerts — without you having to actively keep up with everything that's happening on your own.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of paying for ID protection? Or do you keep up with it through free products and services?

Disclosure: I was not paid by Equifax to write this post. However, I am paid to provide regular content to Equifax's blog; this post in no way affects my compensation at that site.

2 thoughts on “Do You Need Identity Protection from Equifax?”

  1. Mike@WeOnlyDoThisOnce

    I wonder if those services offer a guarantee that comes with their taking on any liability for the ID theft if it does happen. Seem quite hard to prevent with any assurance.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      Most of them do. Most of them come with a certain amount of insurance, along with services, that help you defray the time and cost associated with fixing your credit after your identity has been stolen.

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