Do You Think Barack Obama Will Help Or Hurt The Economy?

I’ve posted over at Yielding Wealth: Will Barack Obama Be Good For Your Personal Finances?

Have a read and leave your thoughts. Why? Because this is something to think about. The middle class has been voting against its economic interest for years. Could it be time for a change?

4 thoughts on “Do You Think Barack Obama Will Help Or Hurt The Economy?”

  1. Wow, loved your article. Now I in no way no much about economics but I am with you as well – lets help the middle class. The wealthy, in my opinion, can handle the taxes and if it helps our country they really shouldn’t care since if it wasn’t for our capitalist country they probably wouldn’t have made as much money! Yet another reason why I love Obama

  2. Thanks for your comment. I don’t mind paying taxes, and I totally expect to pay more when I make more. I would like to see priorities changed so that there are fewer corporate subsidies (yeah, Exxon, because your billions in profit each quarter require government help) and less pork barrel projects. Health care and education — as well as infrastructure (we’ve got the worst of any developed nation) — should be priorities.

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