Does the First Amendment Exist Anymore?

Not in Washington.

But I guess that makes sense. Since President Bush refused to let people who disagreed with him, or even ask hard questions, see him at campaign stops in 2004, it isn’t surprising that people can’t bother him with inconvenient things like questions about the Iraq War at “home” in the White House. I mean, he’s the president. Why should he listen to the people that he represents? Oh. Right. He only represents a few. And they don’t disagree with him. The rest of us are on our own.

It is no secret that the Bush Administration has been systematically dismantling our Constitution (and we’re letting him BTW, since few of us even know what it says anymore), but the First Amendment is fully under attack.

But my latest outrage is in the form of this video. A peaceful assembly in a public area was broken up with a bit more force than necessary. It’s a long video. So you can just skip around to the highlights. There’s a reason assembly, speech, press and petition of government (the fifth thing is religion) are protected in the First Amendment. It’s because these things are fundamentally important to our form of democracy.

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