Don’t Forget: Plutus Awards Tonight!

I’m at the Financial Blogger Conference right now, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow bloggers. And tonight we honor those bloggers with the Plutus Awards!

Plutus was worshipped as the ancient god of wealth, so it’s no surprise that the Plutus Awards, which honor the best of the personal finance blogosphere each year, is named after this mythical figure.

This is the fourth year the Plutus Awards are being celebrated, and I’m a finalist!

I’m also on the planning committee for the second year, and I’ve been taking an active role behind the scenes, helping with rounding up sponsors. It’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. You don’t really “get” how much goes into an event like this until you’ve been involved.

At any rate, there are some great blogging finalists, and we even recognize the great financial products and services that are out there.

So, if you’re at FinCon, stop by the Plutus Awards tonight. And if you’re not at FinCon, watch the PlutusAwards blog and pay attention to hashtag #plutus13 on Twitter.

It’s time to recognize the best in all of us!

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