Education in America, Part 3

This is the last rant on education…for now.

I guess I’m baffled why we think that college is the right education for everyone, so we stick everyone on the same college prep coursework. I’m all for continuing to learn, and acquiring higher education. I just don’t understand why we don’t include skilled professions and trades in all of that.

An apprenticeship type program would be useful. Career counseling that focuses on someone’s strengths, and then offers encouragement to things like dental hygiene or jewelry design (my brother was into that) or whatever should be part of an education. There are professions out there that require skill and different kinds of education. Education in America should consider this, and provide training for those that want it at a young age.

Then everyone can learn the basics (like where the U.S. is on a world map), and college prep folks can study for standardized tests and everyone else who wants to can prepare to advance in a skilled profession or trade.

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