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By now, in all likelihood, you have probably seen the infamous video of Miss South Carolina answer to the question: Why can't Americans find their own country on a map? In case you haven't seen it, here's the answer:

And, last week, Karate Mommy started a little discussion about education and who should pay for it by bringing up school vouchers, specifically school vouchers here in Utah. All of this makes me think about education in America. It seems to be taking second (or third or fourth) place to things like looking good, trying to make “easy” money, or any number of other things. Why don't we value education here in America? Do we take it for granted?

Is our education slipping because we have repeatedly shown we don't think education is very important, due to the low salaries our teachers are paid? After all, many of the brightest go on to do things so that they can make money, rather than teach. Is the tenure system ruining our teachers by not holding them to high standards every year? After all, once a teacher makes tenure, he or she is good. No need to strive for continued excellence.

There are probably a lot of reasons that education in America is falling behind. And we need to start thinking of solutions. But first, we have to acknowledge that we have been downplaying the importance of education in our society, and before we can find a solution, we have to change the way we prioritize learning in this country.

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  1. I think, People are uneducated about education. It seems that there are those who who really dont’ know what’s going on, therefore are not worried about it. I see this especially here in Utah, where we follow our politicians blindly just because they’re “Republican”, and we think we are too. After taking some pro-action (is that the right word to use here? you’ll forgive me I’m sure if it’s not), I tried to read up, on my own, about certain items of political debate. Now I’m more confused then ever, but feel better about what I believe and support. Don’t know if I would call myself a left-wing :), but I’m on my ground now, now following behind the mass crowd of blindly led Utahns.

    I’m pretty sure that didnt’ have much to do with your post, but it was fun to write anyway :).

  2. The sad thing about Utahns is that they DO judge people almost entirely by that “R” after their names. As though that means you’re a moral person. And in Utah, it goes a step further. Many insinuate that you might not be a “good” Mormon if you are a liberal. Good-bye Celestial Kingdom without that “R.”

    I guess the best President Faust (a Democrat) will be doing is the Terrestrial Kingdom…

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