Elder Oaks Lays the Smack Down on Selfishness

I loved Elder Dallin H. Oaks' talk yesterday on selfishness. I think that he pretty much nailed when he pointed out that the root of many of our problems (including the current economic situation) can be traced back to selfishness and greed. And he's right. Greed on the part of folks at the top, wanting more and more. And greed from the people at the bottom, who felt they were entitled to consumer goods — even if they couldn't really afford them. But, of course, the talk encompassed more than just temporal things. It really forced me to think about my life. Am I focused to much on my own idea of self-fulfillment? Yeah, I need time to myself. But do I need as much as I'm taking? And am I so concerned about what I want (and what I don't have) that I'm neglecting the needs of my son and my husband? Food for thought.

A close second behind Elder Oaks' talk is the one from President Uchtdorf. I liked his hopeful attitude, and I always enjoy listening to him speak. I felt pretty bad for the guy who followed him. Sure, he was the newbie to the 12, but who would want to come after someone with the kind of presence, poise and verbal ability that President Uchtdorf has? Anyway, my favorite quotes from the whole conference (okay, the two Sunday sessions that I actually watched) came from his talk:

  • “Discipleship is not a spectator sport.”
  • “Don't let the trivial interfere with the eternal.”
  • “We don't acquire eternal life in a sprint.”

Did you have some favorite moments from General Conference?

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