Election Day! Vote If You Haven’t Already

I voted early. And I think most of you know who I voted for. If you haven’t voted yet, head to the polls. It’s a duty, right and privilege, even if sometimes you feel as though you are having to choose between two people you don’t care for.

The idea, as the leaders of my church point out, is to vote for the person who you believe will “best carry out your ideas of good government.” No matter that person’s party affiliation. So go vote your conscience!

2 thoughts on “Election Day! Vote If You Haven’t Already”

  1. That is a cute video. Hilarious to see the way the kids are singing. Great post. I voted fairly early this morning as well. It was cool to see long lines in some places. No matter who you are voting for its nice to see people out voting at all. Now its just a matter of time to wait and see the outcome!!

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