Evidence of What My Son Thinks of Women

I think it’s amazing. We’re at a point in society — and in my home — where my son sees women in reasonably prominent positions actively engaging in home and community life. There’s a long way to go, still, but my son is proof that maybe the next generation can get there. He was looking at the latest issue of this month’s Friend when something reminded him of baptism. “Mommy,” he said, “Everyone says their daddy will baptize them. But I think I’d like you to do it.”

What a nice thought! Nice that The Boy clearly thinks that women should be doing just about anything they want to do. And clearly he sees women as capable. Obviously, though, we’re not doing a bang-up job of describing different roles. “Well, honey,” I replied, “right now only men are ordained to use the Priesthood power in that way.”

He furrowed his brow in concentration. “That’s strange. You can at least be there, right?”

But between that little conversation and the men-can’t-have-babies discussion of a little more than a year ago, he’s starting to get an inkling that men and women do different things sometimes. And I think that, to some extent, it disturbs him. He thinks men and women should be able to do all the same things if they want to, from giving blessings to have babies.

2 thoughts on “Evidence of What My Son Thinks of Women”

  1. What a neat little boy you have. Hopefully with each new generation of boys and men, women can start being look at as equals and, along with that you were saying, appreciated for the roles both genders play.

  2. Thanks! I think he’s neat, too. And we’re going to work a little harder on the different roles that are played, and their necessity.

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