Family Fun

I think it's fun when family comes. We had Josh's cousin stay with us for most of this week and my parents came down for my brother's graduation. I love this time of year — lots of visitors. We have a nice time, and get a change of pace. Plus, I like being with my family on occasion.

The only real issue, though, is the massive amounts of junk food that we consume. Family gatherings tend to involve lots and lots of candy that we eat while talking. And with guests in the house, I don't exercise. SO that's not good. But it's still mostly worth. I'll just have to work harder on days when we don't have visitors.

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1 thought on “Family Fun”

  1. Oh, I so know what you mean. I love being with family but over the years I have realized that its lots of sitting around and relaxing, which isn’t bad but then you couple it with all the food that the get-togethers are centered around and the extra pounds really start adding up!!

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