Fence Posts for Our Back Dirt

The guy that’s supposed to be putting in our fence postss is six hours late (he was supposed to be here at 8:30). My husband called at nine this morning, only to be told that

  1. The guy was just going to mark where the fences posts will go, and
  2. He would be here in “a couple of hours.”

My husband called again, more than “a couple of hours” later, only to be told that the guy would be here around 12:30ish and that he needed to be patient.

It’s 2:30.

We’re not impressed. We’re seriously annoyed. Josh took today off work to be here (as the guy recommended). We made this appointment a month ago. We’re paying money for this.

Maybe we should pay someone else…

4 thoughts on “Fence Posts for Our Back Dirt”

  1. Good. This was a VERY bad start – why would you want to work with them.

    I once interviewed house cleaners. One of them was an hour late for her interview. When I told her that I couldn’t hire her because of that, she was stunned.

  2. We called another guy, and he came over immediately and gave us a WRITTEN quote that was about $100 more than Mr. No-Show.

    We called Mr. No-Show and told him, politely (via voice message since he didn’t pick up), that we weren’t going to use him and that is that.

    New guy is willing to match (unwritten) bid from Mr. No-Show. We are much happier.

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