Financial Book Review: Debt Heroes

It's financial book week here at Planting Money Seeds! This week I'm reviewing great books from some of PF blogging buddies. Today, it's Debt Heroes by Ben Edwards and Jeff Rose.

Since I'm working on drumming up support for my own book, I thought I'd spend this week highlighting some of the books that my PF blogging buddies have written. Today, the financial book is?Get Out of Debt Like the Debt Heroes: How 21 Ordinary People Paid Off Over $1.7 Million in Debt?by my good friends Ben Edwards and Jeff Rose.

Are You a Debt Hero?

Paying off debt can be difficult for many of us. I know. I had a great deal of credit card debt when I graduated from college. In fact, the debt amassed still, in some ways, impacts me today. And I'm still paying on student loans that I didn't actually need.

If you are looking for the inspiration to pay off your debt, this book can help. Ben and Jeff interviews 21 people about their debt stories, and asked them how they paid off debt. From small amounts to large amounts, these stories will help you see how it's possible to get out of debt — even if you think that there is no real hope.

You can also look for common threads in these stories. One of the things I noticed is that those highlighted in this financial book made it a point to prioritize paying off debt, and then created plans to make it happen.

Getting out of debt doesn't just happen; you need to carefully plan out your course of action, and then stick to it. And, in some cases, getting out of debt requires extreme changes to your lifestyle (especially if you want to get out of debt quickly).

It is a little off-putting that a lot of the stories are incomplete in this compilation; there are links to the web sites of those featured in the book, which means a little more work for you. It's important to understand that the personal stories are more like summaries of each person's debt journey. You aren't going to get really in-depth information. Instead, this is supposed to be inspiring. You can get the inspiration you need, and if you want you can follow the links to get more information on someone that you really identify with.

For $2.99 (Kindle only), though, this is a solid read. You'll get just enough inspiration to help you with this personal finance book, and links to plenty of resources that can help you with more detailed information.

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