Financial Resources for Women: Welcome Lady Pants Financial Hang

It was fun to get together and have a chat! Here are some of the financial resources I mentioned while we were there, plus a few more.

Credit financial resources

  • Self: Offers a credit-builder loan. This can help you establish or even rebuild credit. ALSO, they just started a program to report rent payments to credit bureaus. This was announced just after our lady pants financial hang.
  • Experian Boost: Help your credit score, but ONLY your Experian score. It can include rent and other bills to give yourself a boost.
  • Nav: This is a business credit builder. If you want to build credit with your business, this can help.
  • Dun & Bradstreet: Another business credit agency with tools to help you build your business credit profile.
  • Nerd Wallet: This article has some ideas for secured credit cards that can help you build/rebuild credit. Michelle had a suggestion as well.
  • Overview of how credit scores work: My article on how credit scores work and what a PITA they are. Also, includes information about WHY they are so different. (For additional fun, you can read about how I accidentally destroyed my credit.)

Retirement financial resources

Here's a little illustration of my favorite self-employed retirement accounts I made to hand out at the financial hang.

Investing financial resources

I mentioned investing, and I have several resources you can use to learn about investing, starting with some basics around definitions, etc.

Other financial resources to consider

Finally, here are some ideas for managing your money the way I do, just in case you're interested: