Fourth of July and the Nature of Independence

Independence Day is a great time to reflect on our freedoms, and recognize that no matter how independent we think we are, we still need others.

On this Independence Day, I feel blessed that I am able to follow my own path, running a home business and working from home as a freelance writer.

I Didn't Get Here Alone

Too often, when we think of independence, we assume that it means that you have to strike out on your own, and that you are beholden to no one. And, too often, the assumption is that everything we have comes entirely due to our own efforts.

While I put in a lot of effort, I also realize that what I have isn't solely the result of my own work. I have had a lot of help along the way. And, no matter how hard you work, and how much you feel you “deserve” what you have, the truth is that you probably owe some of it others. In my own life, I know that there are a number of helps I've received along the way:

  • Access to a basic education, and the ability to gain a higher education
  • Good health
  • Civil servants and law enforcement officers that work hard to provide a safe community that allows me the ability to concentrate on my family and on making money, rather than on survival
  • Generous teachers, mentors, friends, relatives, and online associates who are willing to help
  • Technology that allows me work from home
  • Lucky breaks and opportunities that I sometimes take for granted

The truth is that all the hard work in the world just isn't enough sometimes. And to succeed, you need the help of others. Independence Day is a great time to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, but it shouldn't be a time to think that we are truly independent of others, and that we can do everything on our own.

Let's not forget that even during the Revolution, our forefathers had help from others. Other countries helped our fledgling nation position itself to chart its own course. And in our own lives, it's a good idea to remember the sacrifices others make so that we can work toward financial success. At some point, you have relied on someone else for your financial well being, and you have probably had help getting where you are. It's vital to remember that.

Invest in the Future

I think Independence Day also provides us with an opportunity to look toward the future. As we celebrate with barbecues and fireworks, it's also important to give some thought to the future. What do you want your life to become? Do you want financial independence? Do you want to leave a legacy to the future?

Those who fought for independence for our nation were looking to the future. They had different ideas of what the future might look like, but they were still making an investment in the future. As you consider your own future, think about how you can invest in yourself, invest in your relationships, invest in your finances, and invest in others.

Our founding fathers didn't just do everything for themselves, and let others be damned. If they hadn't taken some serious thought for the future, and for what their actions meant for others, we wouldn't be celebrating the Fourth of July.

So, while we have the independence to chart a course in life, and while we have a number of freedoms, let's not got so caught up in the idea that independence means that we don't need others. Because if we truly want to remain a free society, we have to think about each other, help each other, and respect each other.

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July and the Nature of Independence”

  1. Ken Faulkenberry

    Miranda – I totally agree if we want to stay free we have to think of others. Personal freedom works best because we can freely choose to be responsible for others as well as ourselves. This relationship breaks down when government compels or forces us to help others through mandates and confiscatory taxes that are inefficiently redistributed.
    Our country became great because through freedom we looked after one another. It does not happen through a European style socialism that is being advocated now.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      I agree that inefficient distribution is an issue. But I also realize that we do need taxes to pay for many of the basics of society. And it is also worth realizing that we need to help others find opportunities. Say what you want about hard work, and that everyone has a fair shake. The reality, though, is that there are plenty of hard workers who don’t have access to the same opportunities. They live and die, working hard, and never even knowing what the options are. And that’s something we need to change. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in the past, when the wealth gaps are the biggest, you can’t rely on the people at the top to make room for others to have opportunities, too.

  2. Andrea @SoOverDebt

    This Independence Day holds special meaning for me since it’s my first one as a freelancer. But you’re completely right in saying that we don’t get where we are in a vacuum. Tons of people and experiences had to come into my life to set my self-employment into motion, and I have received many gifts that made it possible where I never could have achieved this on my own. Thanks for the reminder that “independence” is a relative term!

    1. Miranda Marquit

      Congratulations on your first independence day as a freelancer! Best of luck to you 🙂

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