In Which I Freak Out About My First Amazon Review

I’ve got the first Amazon review of my book. And it’s a one-star review based on my book description — and not my actual book.

So my book has been out for more than a month. In general, the friends and family who have bought the book/received the book due to their Indiegogo support have been great about the whole thing.

I don’t have many Amazon reviews for Confessions of a Professional Blogger: How I Make as an Online Writer, but that’s my fault since I rarely ask people to do things for me. (Or maybe all my friends and family think the book sucks and can’t in good conscience write a good review, and they’re too nice to tell me how crappy it is. I don’t know.) I probably should start asking people to review the book, though, because I have my first Amazon review, and it’s a one-star review.

My first Amazon review

The worst thing about this review — other than the fact that I don’t think this person bought and read the book — is that I spent an hour of my life looking for this so-called error. I read the listing description on all of the versions of the book several times. I even read the back of the book image several times. *Update: One of my online buddies found it. It’s in the subtitle. The missing word is “Money.” Not sure how it happened, but now I’m super depressed about my stupidity in the whole thing, and it’s getting fixed. Maybe you shouldn’t buy a book I wrote if this is the sort of stuff I do as a “professional.”*

I read until I had a headache, and couldn’t find anything. Also, the people that were kind enough to look over it as well could find nothing. My friends assure me that this is just a hating troll. Maybe you can spot the vital “missing key word” that this reviewer speaks of, because I sure can’t, and after I finish venting my feelings with this post, I’m going to try to ignore it. Although it’s hard to do. Since it’s the only Amazon review of my book.

But onward and upward. I know I’ve got haters, but I can’t let them rule my life. I’ve got other things to do. Like enjoy the holiday season. And enjoy the fact that I have a reasonably successful blogging career.

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