Freelancing Resources

I'm asked all the time for information about my favorite freelancing resources.

First of all, I do have a course and membership resource, the Freelance Writer Academy, that I do with two other six-figure freelancers. We offer different courses, additional resources, and webinars. Check it out, sign up, take advantage.

I do have some other freelancing resources that can help you become a better writer and take your business to the next level. With many of these resources, I will get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. However, all of these are carefully vetted and resources I use or would have used if they were available when I was starting out.

Grammarly: Write Better

One of my absolute favorite tools is Grammarly. I have it as a Chrome plugin, and it helps me stay on top of my writing. It's like having an editor available for me all the time. Grammarly works well with WordPress, as well as in Google Docs and other sites. It will catch common usage errors, spelling and grammar issues and even make smart suggestions to improve your writing.

There's a free version of Grammarly, but you can also pay for a premium version that offers you even more help and insight. In addition to online help, it's also possible to download a desktop app so Grammarly can assist you no matter where you do your writing.

Hemingway: Pithy, Active Writing

Get rid of passive voice and overburdened sentences. If you want to write actively and get straight to the point in a powerful way, the Hemingway App is the way to go. It's available as an online tool, but you can also get the desktop app. I've thought seriously about just using it for my writing in general, mainly because of how awesome it is at forcing you to think about your sentences — and use every word to advantage.

Hit Publish: Enhance Your Content

I love this course from my friend Ashley Barnett. This course takes you through the ins and outs of helping you create better content for your blog.

What I like about this course is that any freelancer can use it to create better content for any blog. So, if you want to be a more valuable writer to your editors, this is a great way to get some solid tips. Providing value is a must for any freelancer, and this course gets you there.

Full-Time Blogger: How to Turn a Blog Into a Business

My friend Larry Ludwig built a successful blog and sold it for seven figures. While you might not end up with a seven-figure blog, you can still make money with it. Just by tweaking my own blog a bit, I am making a little more money each month — enough that it can help support me in other goals and pursuits. I don't make a ton with this blog, but it does what I need it to. With Larry's coaching plan, you can take your own blog to another level.

Asana: Project Management Made Easy

If you want to keep track of projects and deadlines, Asana is a great choice. I use it regularly. The fact that you can switch between list and calendar, and even track invoicing, is great. You can also use Asan to collaborate on projects and work with your virtual assistants (if you have them).