Give the Gift of Investing: Betterment Gift Registry

Help your loved ones achieve their goals with the Betterment Gift Registry; it's a gift that keeps on giving.

One of the great things about providing investments as gifts is that they keep giving. It's possible for them to grow larger. Betterment?now offers a gift registry that you can use for the special occasions in your life.

From weddings to birthdays, you can request help toward particular goals. The money goes to the recipient, and the giver doesn't pay a fee. (The fees for asset management at Betterment range between 0.15% and 0.35% a year.)

Using the Betterment Gift Registry

When my husband and I married, we were both fairly young, and it made sense to receive gifts that helped us outfit our new life. However, with the marriage age rising, many couples now need help with other goals. Indeed, most couples have all the small appliances they need by the time they marry. What many couples now need is a way to help them reach other goals.

This is where the Betterment Gift Registry comes in. You can set up your registry quickly, providing information about what you want to work toward. You can divide your goals into manageable dollar amounts so that loved ones can easily contribute as much as they want to your goals. Once the money is provided, it goes under management in the recipient's Betterment investment account, where it can grow as the money is invested.

You need to sign into your account, or create a new Betterment account, to set up your registry. Once you have that done, it only takes about 10 minutes to complete the process. Choose “add new registry”, and then enter the information that you want people to use. You can even set up a preferred URL to make it easy to send people to your registry. You describe the event, and enter the information about your hoped-for gifts. Make sure to save your registry and set it as “public”. Then let others know about your registry.

Those contributing gifts only have to head over to your preferred URL, choose the gift, and then check out. They can use credit or debit card to complete the transaction, and it's done. This is one of the easiest gift registries out there, and backed by a company that really is looking to take care of consumers the right right way. I talked to Jon Stein, Betterment's CEO at FinCon, and was really impressed with him, and his vision for the company.

One of the great things about this registry is that you don't have to limit it just to weddings. Baby showers, birthdays, and other special events can all be registered. I'm seriously considering using the Betterment Gift Registry for my son, so that we can ask for investment gifts that will help him pay for college down the road.

I love that you can open an investment account with Betterment, and that you can use it as gift registry as well. It just makes sense. $50 is $50, and dishes are dishes, but $50 in an investment account becomes something bigger.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! I might do something similar with a 529 plan with my son. He has enough plastic stuff already.

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