Giveaway: Save Money While Grocery Shopping

There are many ways — beyond coupons — that you can use to save money while grocery shopping.

Once again, my online buddy Jeffrey at is hosting a giveaway, and I'm participating. This time, the theme is “Saving Money While Grocery Shopping.”

We actually employ a number of strategies to help us save money on groceries:

  • Limited grocery delivery: We actually have some of our groceries delivered to our home. We get organic produce delivered once a week, and we have milk delivered as well. Both are from local sources. This grocery delivery allows us to actually skip going to the store altogether some weeks. We've found, too, that we do less impulse buying when groceries are delivered. I've been keeping track, and since the produce delivery started, we've spent about $100 less a month on groceries.
  • Meal planning: When you plan out your meals, it's easier to shop with a list and stick to it. You stay on track better when you have a list, and you avoid buying the things you don't really need. Plan out your meals, then make a list for your trip to the store.
  • Plan your trip: Go when you are full. A hungry shopper makes more impulse buys. I also like to go when I know that I don't have a lot of time. That way, I just go straight to the things I need. Also, because we shop at the same store, I order my list to follow a particular path. That way, I'm not going back and forth through the store, possibly seeing things to spend money on.

I know that I appear to be missing a Big Thing on this list: Coupons. But the truth is that we don't use coupons. I know that there are lots of great couponing strategies, and you can find coupons at resources like the Grocery Coupon Network, but it's just not something I've ever been into. A lot of the items we buy — usually produce and other non-junk foods — don't come with coupons. For us, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense use coupons, but I know that it really works for a lot of savvy savers.

How do you save money on groceries? Let me know in the comments, and enter Jeffrey's giveaway below.

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    1. We go in cycles with our meal planning. We go for weeks with a good plan, and then something happens, and we fall off. Then, after a couple of weeks, we get back on track.

  1. I actually buy a good portion of my groceries online. I shop around to find the best deals, use coupon codes and shop sales.

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