Grandpa, Is There a Baby in Your Tummy?

My five year old son really got me thinking this past weekend. He’s been seeing a lot of pregnant women lately (my sister, my husband’s cousin, my sister-in-law), so babies are on his mind. On Sunday he asked my father, who has a bit of a belly, “Grandpa, is there a baby in your tummy?”

My son is a bright boy. But he is having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that men don’t have babies. We’ve discussed it, many times, and he doesn’t think it’s fair. He proudly announced a few months ago that when he got older he wanted a baby in his tummy. He thought it spectacularly unfair that women can have babies and men can’t.

Priesthood? Bleh. We’ve tried to teach him the importance of Priesthood, but really he thinks that giving a blessing doesn’t compare with giving birth. He wants to pass the Sacrament, but he doesn’t think that it’s as cool as having a baby. He knows it’s important, and that he’ll do it some day, but it really irks him that just because he’s a boy, he can’t have a baby in his tummy.

A sort of different way to look at things…

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