Happy Constitution Day! Now, Go Read this Fine Document

OK. Constitution Day is actually September 17. But, since tomorrow is Saturday, today is being used as the observance day. Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the Constitution in 1787. Every year, I take a little time out to recognize Constitution Day by reading that document, amendments and all.

In fact, Constitution Day isn’t the only day of the year that I read the Constitution. I believe that every literate American should read the Constitution multiple times a year. We should all be familiar with what is in our founding document, first hand, and not just second hand from some talking head, no matter his or her political persuasion.

Over the summer, someone actually said these words to me: “You really should read the Constitution.” I was speechless for a few seconds. It’s hard to really offend me. (Get me riled up about politics, easy. But that’s not the same as actually being offended.) However, this admonishment did have me a little offended. Because anyone who truly knows me is aware that I have read the Constitution four or five times a year since I was old enough to vote (and I’d read it before then, just not as often).

So, even if you don’t read the Constitution at least quarterly, try to read it annually. Mark this momentous occasion by reading through the Constitution. You never know when you might find some food for thought.

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