Happy Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day. For the love of heaven, do yourself a favor and read it. Read it yourself. Don’t settle for letting someone else tell you what’s in there. You might be surprised at what’s in there. And what isn’t.

Read all of the amendments. It really won’t take that long. Those are actually part of the Constitution. Because the men who signed the Constitution in 1787, while confident in their ability to set up a government, were not so arrogant as to assume that nothing would change in the following centuries. The idea of measured change, and the ability to progress as a nation and a people, is one of the most amazing things about the Constitution and our form of government.

Another thing I love about the Constitution is that it is the product of compromise. Perhaps some of the compromises shouldn’t have been made (how can you be 3/5 of a person?), but the Constitution is a testament to compromise. Something that we seem to be missing these days in our political discourse and our political actions. But the Constitution showed how people with very different views of the world could come together and create a foundation for a government that has endured for more than 200 years.

So go read the Constitution. Celebrate today right.

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